Martin Lewis simple shower hack could reduce energy bill by up to £70

Many Brits are feeling the pinch as energy bills have been hiked.

But thankfully, there are some simple changes you can make to your routine that could help cut costs.

Martin Lewis revealed you can shave £70 off your energy bill by using less water.

This doesn’t necessarily mean washing less either – all you need to do is swap out your shower head!

Speaking at the Ideal Home Show, the consumer expert revealed: “There’s a website called which collates all the freebies available from the water companies around the country, such as £30 aerated shower heads, which you can get for free.

"What that does is you can feel the same shower pressure but you’re actually using far less water to do it.”

Martin added: "It’s worth checking out, go grab yourself a freebie, save on your water – good if you’re on a water bill – and save on your energy because you’re paying to heat less water."

As showering contributes towards 25% of household water use, this makes sense.

The MoneySavingExpert founder's advice is also echoed by the Energy Saving Trust, who recommend swapping out your shower head to save money.

Earlier this month, Martin shared more tips for Brits looking to save money on energy.

On TikTok, he revealed how to reduce costs when you're a prepay user or direct debit user.

He also explained how to claim a £150 council tax rebate.

Martin said: "Ofgem has confirmed you get the rate on the day you top up not when you use energy.

"Now if you max out your top up in March before the rate goes up, that's what you'll get even if you then use that energy in April.

He added: "You'll draw a line and tell the energy company, all this energy I've used should be at the cheap rate."

Martin also said those in bands A to D council tax will get a £150 rebate to help with energy costs.

The expert urged Brits to set up a direct debit as soon as possible with their local council to avoid any disappointment.

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