Megan Thee Stallion Accuses Her Label of Holding Her New Album Hostage

The ‘Hot Girl Summer’ star slams her record label 1501 for not allowing her to put out any new music because they’re mad at her for asking to renegotiate her contract.

AceShowbizMegan Thee Stallion is feuding with her record label 1501. The “Hot Girl Summer” hitmaker revealed her conflict with the label as she addressed her new album delay in a new video. She claimed she’s not allowed to put out any new music.

According to her, things went left after she asked to renegotiate her contract. “It’s real crazy because all I did was asking to renegotiate my contract,” she said. “And then it became a big old thing. When I signed, I didn’t really know what was in my contract. I was young, I think I was, like, 20.”

She only discovered issues with her contract after she was signed with Roc Nation and got “real management” and “real lawyers.” She said, “I wasn’t upset [with 1501], because I was thinking, ‘everybody cool, we all family, it’s cool, …let me just ask [them] to renegotiate my contract.’ “

“So now they telling a b***h that she can’t drop no music. It’s really just a greedy game,” she continued. “I wasn’t trying to leave the label, I wasn’t trying to give nobody money that they feel like they entitled to, I just wanted to renegotiate some s**t. I’m not a greedy person. I’m not a person that likes confrontation…I work with everybody. I’m nice. I’m really family oriented.”

She slammed her label, “You mad because I don’t want to bow down, roll over like a little b***h.”

She then gave advice to new artists, “Please, it might seem good, it might sound good, but you definitely got to read [your contract].” She added, “Read all that s**t. Don’t sign that without no lawyer…and get your own lawyer, with their own opinion.”

1501 hasn’t responded to Megan claims, but the label boss Carl Crawford said back in December that the female rapper didn’t bring him any money. “Meg hasn’t brought me nothing I got my own money,” he wrote on Instagram.

Megan said it’s “a whole lie.” Her assistant agreed, claiming Carl was salty because Megan joined Jay-Z‘s management. “She still signed to him [Carl] how he not eating? Everyone eating,” the assistant explained. “I swear ever since the Roc nation management deal Mfs turned shade when the whole time all she did was enhance her career .. what’s wrong with growing??”

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