Mom donates more than 100 Amazon packages after delivery mistake

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Here’s a prime way to pay it forward. 

Amazon packages mistakenly delivered to Buffalo, New York-based Jillian Cannan were rerouted to deliver for a good cause – DIY face mask kits for kids at local children’s hospitals where the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is still required during COVID-19. 

Buffalo, New York-based Jillian Cannan received more than 100 packages from Amazon she never ordered. Instead, she’s found a creative way to donate them. (Jillian Cannan)

Cannan received more than 100 packages of face mask cups used to face coverings she said she didn’t order in a Facebook post from June. But when she contacted Amazon about the delivery mix-up the e-commerce giant told her the packages didn’t need to be sent back, so Cannan, a small business owner, got crafty with the project she calls “Package Gate 2021.” 

“I’m a mom of four and we’ve had our fair share of hospital stays and I remembered that the one hospital gave us a little craft to do and I loved that idea,” Cannan, the co-owner of creative studio Loaded Lumber, told FOX News.  

“The [face mask] brackets are hard to use outside of their intended purpose so coming up with a DIY your own mask kit was the perfect solution … kids still need to wear masks in hospitals,” she added.

Cannan asked Amazon to donate supplies for DIY face masks to be donated to children’s hospitals. (Jillian Cannan)

To bring her idea to life, Cannan asked Amazon if it would donate art supplies for the face mask kits and said they were on board to participate. Amazon did not immediately return a FOX News request for comment, but in a Facebook post shared by Cannan, the company appears to have thanked her, adding that it was happy to be working with her. 

 “Amazon just notified me yesterday [Wednesday] that they were able to fill the list of supplies that we will need to put the kids together. So we have everything in motion,” Cannan said, adding that the DIY kits will be finalized once they get the supplies. 

Cannan told FOX she’s accepting donations for face masks from people and companies interested in participating. 

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