Mother reveals the stunning £500 makeover of her daughter's room

Parents transform bland bedroom into an Instagram-friendly paradise for their daughter, 3, for £500 by building the bed themselves and shopping for budget buys

  • Rosie King, from Gateshead, stunned with three-year-old daughter’s bedroom
  • Said it cost £500 for the whole room, with DIY items and a mix of bargains buys 
  • Adorable room is complete with a teepee, a drawing table and small play kitchen 
  • Made members of the DIY community swoon with envy  

A mother has revealed how she turned her daughter’s room from a bland space to an Instagram-friendly dream with a mix of bargain items and online finds. 

Rosie King, from Chester-le-Street, County Durham, spent £500 on the refurbishment to give her daughter Florence, three, her dream bedroom. 

The mother-of-two, who enlisted the help of her father and husband to decorate the room, said the result was a mix of DIY projects and good finds on Facebook market place and other online selling websites. 

Speaking to Femail, she explained she also forked out on pricier items from Etsy, H&M, Amazon or little independent businesses she found on Instagram. 

She charmed the Facebook group We Love Mrs Hinch with her results, with numerous commenters saying they would love to have the room for themselves. 

Rosie King, from Chester-le-Street, County Durham, spent £500 on the refurbishment to give her daughter her dream bedroom, and hunted bargains online to decorate it to her taste (pictured) 

The theme for Florence’s bedroom was pastel pink and white, and her parents adorned her grey walls with cute signs and quotes. 

Thewwhole room was decorated with adorable objects, such as a bag to tidy her toys, a cloud-shaped lamp by her bed, and a linen basket decorated with a bear head. 

Offering plenty of space, the room was complete with a small play kitchen, a drawing space with a small table and chair, and Florence’s toys neatly tidied. 

On the other side of the room, Rosie and her husband David put a teepee for Florence, along with a drawing board and stacks of books to create a quiet reading spot.

Pictured: Before the makeover, the bedroom was rather bland with grey walls and pine furniture 

Opposite the bed, they created a feature wall with cute posters and pictures was put above a row of shelves and buckets for Florence to have more storage space.  

Detailing the money spent on the room’s main items, Rosie said her father built Florence’s bed, which cost only £35 to make 

She and her husband painted the walls and decorated them further with wallpaper signs costing £5.  

Rosie and her husband bought a side table and chair for £20 and decorated it using wrapping paper and sticky-back plastic, bringing the total cost to £25.

Rosie and her husband David bought a £30 teepee to create a reading area for Florence, complete with a drawing board and stacks of books 

The table and chair were bought during an Ikea sale and decorated with wrapping paper, while the kitchen cost £40 second hand 

A wooden kitchen in Florence’s play area cost £40 second hand.  

The couple’s biggest expense was buying several units with buckets, and bookshelves from Ikea, which they got at a discount, paying £180. 

They decorated the rooms with £40 worth of items from Etsy, H&M, Amazon and independent Instagram seller, and bought the £30 teepee from an Amazon sale. 

In order to keep costs down, the couple recycled items they already had or used scraps to put together other decorations for the room, such as the poster’s hangers in the room.  

Florence’s bed was built by her grandfather and only cost £35 to make, while her parents painted the walls and applied wall stickers to decorate them

Opposite Florence’s bed, her parents created a feature wall above shelves and storage for her toys

‘All in all it cost under £500 for everything that was added, but we did already have things like her mattress,’ she said. 

Facebook was deeply impressed with her results and thought the pink room was adorable. Many members of the group wished they had the same room.   

‘I think this may be the best room I’ve ever seen. It looks fantastic. Well done.’

‘Absolutely beautiful, I’m jealous of your daughters bedroom too,’ another said.  

‘Love it. Such a lot of thought, love, and care has gone into making this room gorgeous. Your daughter must be over the moon with it. You’re a super mum,’ praised another. 

‘That’s my dream bedroom and I’m 34,’ said one.  

Members of We Love Mrs Hinch loved Rosie’s efforts and said they were jealous of the room too 

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