Mum left in stitches at son’s failed attempt with forging her signature on diary

There's a lot to think about when you're getting the kids ready for school.

You'd have to remember their packed lunches, the freshly-washed PE kit and not forgetting the weekly signature in their diaries too.

So when one mum forgot to sign her son's homework diary, the little chap decided to take matters into his own hands.

Posting on Facebook in the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas group, the mum was amused when her boy forged her signature.

There was just one problem with the child's attempt – it wasn't convincing at all.

In fact, the mum feared her child would get caught out by his teacher for his cheeky antics.

The woman shared a photo of her boy's efforts, along with a caption too.

She said: "When your son says mum I had to forge your signature because you didn't sign my homework diary!

"I'm guessing they may suspect it wasn't actually me who signed it."

In the photo, it shows the boy signing "mum" on the dotted line, instead of her name of course.

Since she shared it on Facebook, the post racked up hundreds of likes and comments.

One wrote: "Awww super sweet and very funny," another added: "10/10 for effort."

A third pointed out: "At least he used a different pen," while a fourth commented: "That's brilliant."

Meanwhile, other users admitted they had cheekily forged their parents' signatures at school too.

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One laughed: "Hahahaha, used two forge my mum's signature in my homework diary 18 years ago.

"And I can still do her signature now lol."

Another admitted: "They'd ring my mum up every now and again and she'd go along with it. She never signed my diary."

And a third added: "Same! Never did a lesson of PE once. Just forged a note with my dad's signature and got away with it."

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