Mum let five-year-old daughter model and doesn’t worry about her being too young

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A mum has supported her daughter’s modelling career since she was five-years-old.

Princess Keisha Omilana, from London, says seven-year-old Dior has wanted to be in the spotlight since she was three.

So to be sure her little one was “serious” about the career, she waited two years before signing her up to a talent agency.

Dior has since starred in print and fashion campaigns and worked with the likes of Next, Zara and Harrods in the last two years.

Even though the family are hugely proud of their primary school starlet, some may wonder if seven is too young to be a professional model.

It’s a question that’s raised in Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over, which features the family and airs tonight on W Channel.

In the show, host Stacey meets professional model Keisha, who has worked on L’Oreal, Maybelline and Revlon campaigns.

She also gets to know husband Prince Adekunle "Kunle" Adebayo, who is a businessman from Nigerian royalty, and children Diran, 14, and Dior, seven.

The parents are proud of their youngest child’s flourishing modelling career – even though some may think she isn’t ready for the spotlight.

Keisha isn’t worried about the notoriously ruthless modelling industry impacting Dior’s development either.

She told Fabulous: “You won’t find another seven-year-old with higher esteem and self-worth in her than my baby girl Dior.”

She continued: "It just so happens both her parents are super tall and thin, her dad is 6ft 4ins and I'm 5ft 9ins – and I still wear a size 0 even after two kids.

"It’s in her genes to be slim so body image wise, she will be fine. Like me, she’s always going to have the body for modelling.”

As well as this, Keisha insists it’s her daughter’s decision to work on shoots and says she’s not being a “stage mum”.

The mum doesn’t let Dior work for more than eight hours-a-day, which she sees as the equivalent of going to school.

She also says Dior gets “play time” with other children in set and loves getting her makeup done and dressing up.

Keisha thinks being a model is “every girls dream” and vows to support her daughter as she grows up.

She hopes appearing on the Stacey Dooley show will inspire other parents to nurture their children’s talents.

She added: "I would really encourage any parents of children who are showing a special gift in the arts – whether it’s music, gymnastics or dance, modelling or acting – to encourage them to coin those talents and do everything they can to ensure they are doing well.

"It has to be something they really want to do, but I would encourage them to do it at whatever age they show interest."

Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over airs on Monday May 10 at 10pm on W Channel.

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