NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal shows off hilarious hairline after losing bet with Dwyane Wade which leaves fans in stitches – The Sun

NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal shows off hilarious hairline after losing bet with Dwyane Wade which leaves fans in stitches

The 7ft 1in former superstar, 47, bet the former Miami Heat All-Star the Milwaukee Bucks would beat his old team by 20 points on Monday night.

If his prediction failed to come in, Wade ordered Shaq to grow out his famously receding hairline.

Unfortunately for O'Neal, the Bucks – the NBA's best team this season – were stunned in Miami.

Milwaukee slipped to a 105-89 loss, with the Heat enjoying a freak night from three-point range while playing some stellar defence on reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The shock defeat forced Shaq to grow out what little hair he has – with his hairline in the middle of his usually clean-shaven scalp.

On Tuesday night, the four-time NBA champions revealed his new do – with Wade part of the pre-game panel on TV show NBA on TNT.


Addressing the elephant in the room, O'Neal joked: "Let's get it out of the way, America…

"I had a bet against one of my good friends, D-Wade, Milwaukee versus the Heat.

"I said Milwaukee was gonna win by 20 and the Heat won.

"I said, 'So what do you want me to do? Pay you?'

"He said, 'Nah, you gotta let your hairline grow out and we wanna see your hairline looking like [fellow NBA analyst] Kenny Smith."

But a "proud" O'Neal continued: "So I just lined it up for y'all, so y'all could see where my hairline starts.

"And I look good, and I'm proud to do it and I'm keeping it like this all week."

Despite his pride, fellow pundits Wade, Candace Parker and Adam Lefkoe couldn't stifle their laughter.

And fans on social media also poked fun at the gentle giant.

One tweeted, "Wade said Shaq hair line is where Trae Young shoot from", referencing the All-Star long-range three-point shooting specialist.

Another said: "Does Shaq have hair right now or am I trippin'?"

A third wrote: "Shaq looking kinda fresh with his new hair cut."

One cruelly joked: "@SHAQ look like a convertible with the top broke half way lettin it down. Wipe that spray hair off your head."

Never one to brave being the butt of the jokes, O'Neal was hilariously spotted driving a tiny Smart car in Manhattan last year.

But he recently showed off his emotional side, breaking down in tears over the death of his old Los Angeles Lakers team-mate Kobe Bryant, who passed away earlier this year in a helicopter crash.

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