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CRUFTS is in full swing, with the overall Best In Show set to be crowned tonight.

Whether pedigree or patchwork, pamper your pooch with these hi-tech delights. Some entertain them, some feed them and others will keep your furry pals safe from harm.

I have found gadgets at a range of prices for dog-lovers and cat fans too.

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher, £132.99, Argos

SOME dogs are obsessed which chasing balls, as terrier owners will testify. This clever launcher fires tennis balls up to 27ft at a 45-degree angle. Don’t be surprised when they bring it back and drop it at your feet every time.

Pawbo Plus, £139, Amazon

THIS camera is great for cats as well as dogs, with a laser game that appeals to both sorts of animals.

It also distributes treats, though they shoot downward, so it is best to place it on the floor. Up to eight people can keep an eye on your pet through the app.

V-Pet Tracker, £49.50, Vodafone

THERE are few things more scary for a pet owner than not knowing where your four-legged friend is. Even if they are out of sight, this lightweight collar attachment specifies location and even offer fitness tracking.

Petkit smart metal pet bowl, £40, Argos

THIS bowl is gently angled so it is easy for your dog to eat from, while preventing food overflowing. It measures grub in ounces, grammes and millilitres so you do not overfeed them (even if your dog would like you to, that is).

Furbo, from £189,

THE best pet camera on the market. Not only can you keep an eye on Fido or  Tibbles through the camera, there is also a treat tosser — exactly what it sounds like.

It can alert you if it hears a canine commotion and you can talk to your pet through the two-way speaker. Great design too.

Wahl puppy care grooming kit, £15.99, Argos

WAHL has a great range of petcare stuff, including an effective clipper that my own dog Lawrence tolerates.

This kit includes a two-sided brush to keep the coat just so, and a glove to help with grooming.

VIP Collar ID, £10,  Pets At Home

A GREAT source of peace of mind. The collar has a unique eight-digit ID and a phone number — so if your pet is found, you can be reunited.

It is linked up to a VIP account that has a monthly fee. Features include a 24-hour finders’ helpline.

Illumiseen LED dog collar, £14.99, Amazon

FEEL safer on those late-night walks when your dog wants to explore. With this collar, you will always know exactly where they are. It is rechargeable and the single clip is easy to attach.

One-click will change over the mode from steady, to slow flash, to fast.

PetSafe FroliCat fox den toy, £19.99, Argos

CATS are easily amused. All it takes is a plastic dome with a foxtail peeping out, that shakes when you least expect it.

Meanwhile humans look on, besotted.



NEED A BREED? Dogs and cats from rescue charities cost a fraction of the price of a pedigree. But if you’re fixed on a breed, research both purchase and upkeep costs. Insurer Admiral’s  online tool to work out the costs of dog breeds (  found Newfoundlands and Rottweilers are priciest at £5,300 and £4,300 a year.

ENSURE IT’S INSURED. Insurance premiums vary from £5 a month for accident-only cover for a young crossbreed to £100 a month for an older Great Dane.

Accident-only is cheapest, while policies for life-long cover for any conditions are the dearest. Other mid-budget options allow you to cover new medical conditions up to a certain limit or period.  Save money by shopping around on comparison sites and looking for cashback deals.

Topcashback is offering up to £70 for taking out a premium with Petplan Premium, £75 with 4paws and £47.25 with Direct Line.

INCREDIBLE BULK. Buying bigger food packs is better value.

Pets At Home currently offers £3 off a 96-pack box of Felix Pouches at £20, or £2.08 per kg, whereas a 40-pack costs £11.99, or £3 per kg. It’s worth stocking up. For treats, see if your local butcher or  fishmonger sells cheap offcuts.

CHEAT ON TREATS. Dogs and cats are happy playing with old tennis balls and feathers on a string. A cushion from a charity shop might be preferred to a plush bed. For things you really need, like leads and cat boxes, check out eBay or Gumtree for free ones.

SHAVE AND SAVE. The average cost of dog grooming is £39, but prices range from £20 for a small dog to £80 for a large one.  You can save by doing it yourself but watch a pro tutorial first on YouTube.

FLEAS-Y DOES IT. The PDSA  charity  advises owners to buy prescription flea treatment as they are more effective than High Street versions.  But save by getting a vet’s prescription then buying the treatment online from a retailer such as Pet Supermarket.

Or sign up to your vet’s care plan, which usually includes  flea and worming treatments,  check-ups and medical discounts.

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