People claim to spot ‘shadow demon’ in TikTok user’s fake nail video

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TikTok users have been spooked by what they dubbed a "shadow demon" standing behind a woman giving a video tutorial about her supersized fake nails.

In the clip, uploaded on the video-sharing app by @mooyahyah, she shows how she removes her eight-inch nails and applies new ones.

After she clips off the nails, a dark human-shaped figure appears to be standing motionless in the background.

The TikTok user appears not to notice and carries on filming, showing viewers how she applies new butterfly-patterned nails onto the end of her fingers.

But the footage, uploaded on March 18, left many people feeling creeped-out and hundreds left comments about what they believed to have seen lurking in the shadows – with one even claiming it was a so-called "shadow demon".

"Please why is this figure so dark bye," commented one shocked fan.

A second said: "Yeah I don’t claim that negative energy behind you."

"GIRL LOOK BEHIND YOU," wrote someone else.

Sounding concerned, another viewer told her: "There was clearly someone behind you. If you were home alone I’d be very freaked out if I were you."

A more level-headed user found a mundane explanation and told the others: "Y'all it literally just looks like someone using the microwave. Chill."

It turned out they were correct and fears of a ghost or home raider were completely unfounded when the TikTok user responded to the comments and told people to relax – it was just her fiancé.

This comes after a mum was left petrified when she listened to her baby monitor and heard a voice saying: "Help me".

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