Primark's £22 earphones look like Apple AirPods so you can stunt on a budget

‘Apple is so elitist,’ you say as you ask to borrow a charger that has the same dock as your iPhone. And yet like a moth to a flame, you’re queuing up at the Apple store for the latest release of its gadgets.

If you’re all about the sleek Apple aesthetic but can’t afford to splash £200 on earphones (like most of us) then Primark has just the thing.

Primarni AirPod dupes are coming to stores mid-April and will cost you just a fraction of the original, which are £159 for the regular set and £249 for the Pro.

Now you can make an incredible saving of £137 or more by opting for Primark’s £22 version.

Happy days.

And get this – unlike the original the earphones inspired by – Primark’s True Wireless Earphones come in three different colours. You can opt for white to give it the Apple feel, or go for a black or baby pink set.

Each pair comes with a chargeable carry case and USB-C charging cable so you’ll never lose power.

And if you like to listen on the go, the bluetooth range is 10m, meaning you can move around the office or house without carrying your device with you.

The True Wireless Earphones are part of a range of Primark’s new wireless technology range.

Suitable for anyone with a budget of £12 to £22, there are also foldable headphones with come with an adjustable headband.

The Wireless Headphones come in four different colours: black, pink, silver, and red, all priced at £18.

If none of those suit your interests, there is also in-ear bluetooth tech that comes with one short wire, available in black and pink, costing a mere £8.

They also have a magnetic feature that holds both earbuds together, meaning they won’t get tangled in your bag.

If putting technology in your ears sounds too taxing, there are also speakers you can opt for.

The Fabric Tab Speakers are small and cute with a bluetooth range of 25m, costing you just £12.

Happy listening.

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