Ready to take selfies like a Kardashian? This lighting setup can help

Even though celebrities seem to have the same phones we do, their homemade YouTube videos and Instagram selfies always seem to just look better. This is all thanks to the lighting.

Social media experts, including the Kardashians, use devices that bathe them in warm lighting to help enhance their features and turn what would be grainy videos and selfies into gorgeous ones.

U-STREAM’s Home Streaming Studio with 10″ Ring Light and Tripod setup does just that. This setup is especially idea for videographers, vloggers and TikTokers alike, who want to be able to get quality lighting in their home without investing in expensive equipment.

Its attached 10-inch ring light offers three distinct and adjustable lighting options (including white light, warm yellow and warm white) that can be tailored to one of 10 different levels of brightness through its attached remote control. Additionally, the tripod stand can be heightened between 18 inches to 52 inches high, so you can place your phone at the right height to suit your filming needs. Plus, a non-slip rubber grip holds your phone firmly in place while you’re recording.

Aside from the obvious content creation uses of the U-STREAM Ring Light, the device also provides ideal lighting as you’re putting on your makeup in the morning. So even if you aren’t the kind of person who will be recording YouTube videos every day, you’ll still find regular use out of the setup.

While normally priced at $99.99, the U-STREAM Home Streaming Studio with 10″ Ring Light & Tripod is on sale for $39.99 — that’s a savings of 60% off its retail price.

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