‘RHOA’ Recap: Marc Daly & Kenya Moore’s Marriage Reaches A Breaking Point

Kenya helped her husband plan a charity event during the March 1 episode of ‘RHOA’, but the distance between them reached a breaking point and their marriage ended.

Marc Daly asked someone at his charity event to “save” him “from the drama” that his wife, Kenya Moore, was creating during the March 1 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Towards the end of their joint charity event, Kenya asked Marc to come over and thank her friends for attending the event, but he didn’t seem very interested. After Kenya asked Marc to do her that favor, he asked his wife to ask her security guard to “wait over on the side”. He said, “It’s like he’s everywhere, hovering… It’s just so obnoxious.” She said, “OK”, and then continued, “Come over here and just thank everybody. Thank everybody for coming.” He obliged, but it was a quick thank you, and then he asked Eva Marcille‘s husband, Mike Hill, to “save” him.

Cynthia then asked Kenya if Marc was “happy” with how the event turned out, and Kenya said she didn’t even know where he went because he rushed off as soon as he thanked everyone for coming. But he was later seen in another room saying, “It’s invasive”, however it wasn’t totally clear what he was referring to. Our guess would be that he was talking about being on camera, because when someone was interviewing him and asked what it was like being married to Kenya, he said he “hated” it.

Later, as Kenya looked at all the other couples having fun together, she said, “All of the couples seem to be happy, just enjoying each other so much, and I’m just really disappointed.” NeNe Leakes, who had called her good friend Wendy Williams before the event to get some advice on how to face Kenya, added, “The few times that I’ve seen Kenya and Marc together, I’ve never seen them be lovey-dovey. It’s always like he’s standing over here and she’s standing over there. It’s almost like it’s an agreement”.

And maybe NeNe knew what she was talking about, because when the episode ended, it was revealed that Kenya and Marc separately filed for divorce the very next day (after the event). That revelation also came after Marc gave a speech at the event and didn’t even mention Kenya nor thank her for anything. It was a huge blow and definitely insulting. As for the “drama” that Kenya was causing — she had gotten upset after Marlo showed up late to the event and then got mad about where her assigned seat was located. Kenya thought it was inappropriate and rude, but Marc was just happy that Marlo brought her two nephews to an event that was all about older black men connecting with black youth.

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