Ridiculously simple camera trick makes for epic Instagram snaps

If you’ve been struggling to stand out with your Insta snaps recently, perhaps you need a change of perspective.

That’s the thinking behind a photography trick for improving Instagram posts that’s gone viral this week.

The clever hack involves turning your phone upside down to capture more of the sky than you’d otherwise do.

Admittedly, it’s an incredible simple thing to do – but we’re not sure we ever would have thought of it until someone points it out.

The trick comes courtesy of an Instagram account called Memezar, which has almost 23 million followers.

The account reposted a photography explainer video from an account called @jdthecameraguy.

In the video, the photographer shows the benefits of zooming out and flipping your phone upside down.

Shooting with an iPhone, he says: ‘Put your phone on 0.5 zoom. Flip your camera upside down. Then make sure the bottom two grids have the sky in it.’

‘This will help you create a good composition.’


‘Once you have that all set, just take the picture and it should look something like this.’

After the picture is taken, flipped back around and given the benefit of a filter, it does look seriously impressive.

If you want to replicate the effect on your own iPhone (providing you have a wide-angle lens available) you’ll need to activate the photography grid.

To do this, open the Settings menu and scroll down to Camera. Then flip the toggle next to the word Grid.

And if anyone tries to slide into your DMs to criticize your efforts, you now have the option to block them completely.

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