Savvy DIY fan transforms kitchen with B&Q products – and it only cost her £20

A woman re-vamped her kitchen with a budget of £20.

Instead of calling in the professionals, Jessica Treece decided to DIY the job herself.

The 25-year-old, from Hull, purchased paint from B&Q and got to work.

She brushed the bright white colour onto her wooden units – and instantly, the room looked a lot brighter.

Jessica told money-saving community : "I came up with the idea quite a while ago, as a friend of my mum said it would be a cheap, easy way to make a huge difference to my kitchen.

"I put it off for a while worrying about if it would look good or if I would ruin the kitchen, but I eventually went to B&Q one afternoon and saw the paint and thought ‘right, I’m just going to give it a go and do my best!’”

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The frugal DIYer gave her cabinets a quick clean and removed the handles before starting the job.

She then started applying the B&Q paint onto the units with cheap paintbrushes.

Jessica said: "All I did was give my kitchen units a really good wipe with some spray and a cloth and let it dry.

“I also took off all of the door handles, then painted straight on without any sanding or priming. I only painted the outsides of the units as I didn’t see the point of painting all the bits that aren’t seen!

"I just used cheap paint brushes from B&Q.

“I almost did it with a roller but I was scared that a roller would leave small bump type marks in the finish and would also spray the paint across my ceiling and kitchen.”

Jessica let the paint dry overnight – and was chuffed with the finished results.

She explained: "I did one coat of paint in about three to four hours being careful, then left it overnight before doing the second coat.

"I only used half of the tin of paint it cost me £20 in total!

"I’m so glad I decided to do it, as my kitchen was really starting to look old and tired, but now I’m quite happy to keep it as it is for a good few more years.”

The savvy shopper also purchased some new kitchen appliances, which helped the room to look freshly refurbished.

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She said: "I also replaced a couple of other bits in my kitchen such as a new silver kettle and toaster so they’re also lighter and look nice.

"The whole reason for doing it was to brighten up the kitchen really as the window in there isn’t huge.

"My tips for someone else doing it would be to make sure after every cabinet you paint, go back to it two minutes later to catch any drips in the paint so it doesn’t dry like that!”

Tom Church, co-founder of, added: “If you love watching home renovation programmes and scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration, you’ve probably come across some stunning kitchens that cost thousands of pounds, but Jessica’s beautiful kitchen is proof that you only need £20 of paint and a few hours of hard work to make your kitchen unrecognisable!"

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