‘Since cancer forced me into the menopause sleep has been non-existent for me’

Let’s talk about sleep. Sleep for me has been pretty non-existent for a long time.

More so since I’ve been put into a medically induced menopause.

Every month when I go for chemo, I’m also given a massive dart of Zoladex into my tum which stops my ovaries from producing hormones which could feed any naughty cancer cells.

The brain fog is bad enough while on chemo but pair hat with menopause and lack of sleep and I’m an absolute zombie.

Hot flashes are intense. I can wake up at night sometimes with the sheets literally squeaking (I’m not kidding). I am drenched through.

I have to get up to get changed or put a towel on the mattress or go and dry off in the middle of the night.

They’re not only at night. Ivy has become a pro at blowing my face whenever she hears me whisper “oh no, I’m having hot flash again”. They’re awful.

I lie awake worrying about worse case scenarios at night, I have achy joints because of all my medication.

Sometimes Ivy comes in for snuggles. Mentally, I’ve always known a good nights’ sleep is the absolute baseline that we need to start our day off positively.

I know when I’m anxious about something, if I’ve had a bad sleep, everything else is magnified. It’s hard to be rational when you’re running on empty.

So when we had a Silent Night mattress delivered last week, my life – and Michael’s -improved literally overnight.

THE best nights’ sleep we have had in such a long time. I actually didn’t want to fall asleep because I just wanted to be awake to enjoy the luxury underneath my bod.

I cannot say it enough, you need this bed in your life. Especially if you have hot flashes in the night…..the mattress actually regulates body temperature and guess what? I haven’t woken up saturated yet.

I honestly adore, ADORE ( yes, I need to say it twice) this mattress .

Speaking of Silent Night, Premier Inn are renowned for having their comfy mattresses in every single room and guess what? I have been asked to judge a book competition for Premier Inns’ little people.

Part of the book will be dedicated to bedtime stories to help encourage a great night’s sleep, while the other part will be dedicated to stories designed to be read in the morning – to help your little humans get their day off to the best possible start.

Do you have a little aspiring writer in your life? Forget all the ridiculous literary rules they have to learn in school and let their imagination run WILD.

The competition will run until spring and is open to under 15’s and there will be two categories – under 10’s and under 15’s.

Stories can be inspired from their own real-life experiences or something from the depths of their imaginations.

The hotel company will publish a diverse collection of tales, so stories revolving around friendship, families, animals or even science fiction are all welcome, providing they slot into the themes above.

I get to be part of the panel who will crown national prize-winners in two categories: under 10s and ages 11-15.

In addition, there will be 24 regional runners-up, celebrating our children’s wonderfulness and imagination – I honestly cannot wait to read them.

The winning stories will be available for a donation, with all proceeds donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital – how gorgeous will it be to show your children that they can do something so worthwhile whilst simply using their imagination.

To enter, you can email your child’s 500-word masterpiece to: [email protected].

Good Luck!

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