Sophie Countess of Wessex: Why she has stayed ‘relaxed yet alert’ in the Royal Family

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, stepped into her working royal role when she married the Queen’s son Prince Edward in 1999. She has quickly become a favourite with royal fans and a voice expert gave a glimpse into how she handles her important role.


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Sophie, Countess of Wessex, took on a role as a working royal shortly after she married Prince Edward.

As part of the role, Sophie has performed royal duties and represented the Royal Family all over the world.

When doing this, Sophie will engage with royal fans and make speeches on important issues.

Analysing her voice, James Bryce, CEO and founder of communications analytics firm gweek, said this has given an insight into her royal life.

He suggested Sophie is comfortable in her role but still remains alert.

James told “The Countess lets her speech lead the way.

“Relaxed, yet composed and alert she makes her points efficiently, and with natural confidence.”

Sophie appears to have taken to her official role well and will show this when making speeches.

Many royals will use a script when speaking at events but this is something Sophie chose to skip.

This may help her connect with the audience and speak up feel more authentic, the expert suggested.

“She asserts herself,” James added. “She reads her co-speakers well and works out where her most impactful contribution could be.

“She is unscripted, unrehearsed yet sufficiently planned in her mind, before she starts to speak.


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“She engages with stories, and offers personal examples so that you can empathise with her.

“Her posture is relaxed, yet confident and assertive. She lets you see the real her.”

Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have stepped back as working royals, it is thought Sophie could take on some of their engagements.

If this were to happen, James explained Sophie is likely to continue showing her confidence as a royal.

He added: “I would hope that – should she increase her number of formal engagements – she will maintain her sense of agile, authentic communication and not recourse to scripts and practised speech.

“This is so often the ‘advised’ method when speaking to large groups.

“You may be word perfect, but you’ll never connect naturally with people; your speech and your natural energy stay inside.”

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