Spoilers: Bea dies so Finn can be with Elly in Neighbours?

Three people are set to die in Neighbours next week. And with Bea (Bonnie Anderson) being a thorn in Finn’s (Rob Kelly) side, she could be the first to go. He needs her out of the way to fulfil his plan to get Elly (Jodi Anasta) all to himself. But what will he do to make that happen?

The gang all head to Pierce’s island for Elly’s birthday and this will be come the setting for Finn’s evil side to make its terrible return. He has a plan, and it’s a dark one.

Once on the island, Elly starts struggling with her guilt over what she’s been doing behind her sister’s back. Finn uses this to justify putting his plan into action – phase one of getting rid of Bea.

He manages to separate Bea from the group and leads her off into the bush, away from anyone who can help her.

When the others question where she’s gone, Finn simply tells them they had a fight and broke up, and she’s headed home.

Elly is distraught that her sister is hurting and not there to celebrate her birthday, and decides to go after her. Finn reassures her, and soon after she receives a text from Bea saying she’s fine – but little does she know it’s come from Finn. Another part of his dastardly plan.

He’s taken her phone to ensure everyone believes that she’s fine when really she’s stuck down a mineshaft at the mercy of psycho Finn and venomous snakes. Not sure which is worse.

Harlow, meanwhile, runs off into the bush after Hendrix comes on too strong. Disorientated and in an emotional state, Harlow falls into a mineshaft where she finds an injured Bea who tells her what’s been going on.

Finn now has two hostages and he needs to get rid of them. He hopes the snakes will see the pair meet a grisly end that can be made to look like an accident from being lost in the bush. But failing that, he has other ideas. He’s armed and dangerous.

Harlow is bitten by the snake and Bea has to try and save her, but she’s in a bad way herself. Finn will not let the secret leave the island. One way or another, Bea is going to die.

What will Finn do to make sure Bea is silenced forever?

Scenes air from Monday 16th March during the late night specials at 10pm on Channel 5.

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