Steve Irwin’s hot niece bares boobs as she ditches bikini top under life jacket

Steve Irwin 's niece often sends temperatures sky rocketing with her scantily-clad displays and today's Instagram offering was no exception either.

Rebecca Lobie, 32, proved to be the ultimate sex symbol as she took to the beach to put on a red hot display for her loyal army of social media fans.

The blonde, has hustled herself up quite a formidable career online, often amazing and astounding her 116,000 followers with daring snaps that often leave little to the imagination.

Keeping the momentum going while trying to stay on top her game, she got her admirers fired up with another mind blowing reveal that demanding attention.

Drawing the eye to her more than ample cleavage, she rocked a luminous yellow and black life jacket that she'd sexily unzipped to her navel.

With the floating device gapping completely open, it was evident that the bombshell wasn't wearing a bikini top underneath the garment.

Not wanting to suffer a wardrobe mishap, she clutched onto the collar of the brightly coloured item, securing it in place to prevent over exposing herself and avoiding a telling off from Instagram officials.

Flaunting her jaw-dropping body but carefully concealing her modesty, Rebecca sent her followers wild with the sultry snaps.

She teamed her beach attire with a skimpy pair of red knickers and popped on a pair of cool oversized dark shades.

Rebecca's highlighted locks blew in the wind and appeared damp as if she'd returned from a dip in the sea.

The self confessed fitness fanatic isn't in contact with her cousin Bindi Irwin anymore, who recently married her childhood sweetheart Chandler Powell and announced they are expecting their first child together.

Sharing their joyful news with the world, the held up an adorable scan picture on social media, explaining that they were expecting a baby girl.

Following the death of Bindi's father Steve Irwin, who tragically passed away in 2006 after a stingray barb pierced his heart, reports surfaced to suggest the family are no longer in touch.

Joy Muscillio, Steve's older sister, spoke out last year verifying speculation that the family were now estranged.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Australia she said: "I keep away from all that. It's just very sad… family stuff."

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