Taylor Swift Takes Fans Behind the Scenes on Her Transformation Into ‘The Man’

The ‘Lover’ singer needs five hours every morning to become a guy in the music video for her latest single, and gets rid of her feminine gestures with the help of a movement coach.

AceShowbizTaylor Swift has shared behind the scenes footage of herself transforming into a male for her music video “The Man”.

The stunning star wore prosthetics to become a guy in the promo for the single, with the singer explaining she even had fake private parts for the role.

“Putting on the look for the man took five hours every morning and it’s been a joy because (special effects makeup artist) Bill Corso’s been doing it,” she explained in a behind the scenes video posted on YouTube on Friday, March 06. “I worked with him once before when he turned me into a zombie for the Look What You Made Me Do music video and I had no idea what they do to your body to make you look different.”

“I had muscle suits on underneath things, I had… I don’t even want to talk to you (about) what else, I don’t even want to tell you about it, this is a family show.”

Taylor also worked with movement coach Stephen Galloway to perfect her moves as a man, eliminating all girlie gestures for the shoot.

“I was so stoked to have a movement coach help me with things like… you know I’ve never thought about how men walk, it’s never something that’s interested me before, but they walk differently than we do,” she smiled. “I’ve never smoked a cigar before. I’ve never adjusted my underpants like that.”

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