Tesco are exclusively selling 28 Easter eggs including White Oreo and Lindt

From the traditional flavours, to the new and wonderful, Tesco has released this season’s range of Easter treats and there's plenty we can't wait to try.

This year, Tesco will be stocking over two hundred Easter eggs, as well as different delights from 30 of the country’s most-loved brands. As there's so many Easter eggs available, it won't be difficult to find what you're looking for, with more than 20 sweet treats for under a fiver.

This wide range will include 28 branded creations which are exclusively available at Tesco – like the affordable Ferrero Rocher Flame Egg, which retails for £8. There's guaranteed to be something for every member of the family to enjoy this Easter.

For those on a budget, the good news is prices start from as little as 50p, the range is available online and in stores now. To find your nearest branch use our handy store locator.

Some of the highlights include Lindt Lindor White Chocolate Egg with Truffles, Green & Black’s Extra Large Dark Chocolate Large Shell Egg and Cadbury's Dairy Milk Mini Eggs Inclusion Egg (which has mini egg pieces in the shell of the egg).

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If you've got little ones at home, get them in on the Easter egg hunting fun – even if it does look a little bit different this year.

The range of goodies available at Tesco include the Mega Egg Hunt package, which has 40 hollow milk chocolate eggs, and the Milk and White Egg Hunt package which includes both chocolate eggs and characters that are the perfect size for hiding.

There's also other big-brand options like Kit Kat Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs and Hershey’s Cookies & Creme Egg, so you won't have to worry about a shortage of chocolate in the house.

We've rounded up some of the top options across a few categories worth considering below.

Smaller Treats Exclusive to Tesco

  • (Exclusive to Tesco) Reese's Peanut Butter Creme Egg 34g – 50p

  • (New and exclusive to Tesco) Tesco Milk & White Chocolate Egg Hunt 475g – £5.00

  • (New and exclusive to Tesco) Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs White 80g – £1.00

  • (Exclusive to Tesco) Lindt Gold Animal Print Bunny Milk Chocolate 100g – £2.50

  • (Exclusive to Tesco) Lindt Lindor Milk Mint Mini Chocolate Eggs 100g – £2.00

  • (Exclusive to Tesco) Cadbury Oreo Chocolate Egg 5x 31g – £2.00

Easter eggs under £10

  • (Exclusive to Tesco) Ferrero Rocher Flame Egg 225g – £8.00

  • Lindt Gold Bunny Milk Chocolate Egg 195g (L) – £8.00

  • (New and exclusive to Tesco) Twix White Chocolate Easter Egg 316g (XL) – £5.00

  • Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Egg with Lindor Milk & White Truffles 280g (L) – £8.00

Easter eggs £10 – £15

  • (New and exclusive to Tesco) Cadbury Orange Buttons Giant Egg 410g – £10.00

  • (New) Cadbury Dairy Milk Ultimate Daim Easter Egg 542G (XL) – £12.00

  • (New and exclusive to Tesco) Cadbury Mini Eggs Inclusion Egg 507g (XL) – £12.00

  • (Exclusive to Tesco) Maltesers White Chocolate Egg with White Truffles 287g (XL) – £10.00

And good news for the real chocolate lovers, the bargains don't stop there.

From February 17 to February 23, five packs of Cadbury Creme Eggs will be available for only £1, down from £2, as part of a special deal for Tesco Clubcard members. If you're not a member sign up for free here.

In addition to the classic Creme Egg, the offer also includes Oreo and Caramel eggs. Each Cadbury pack contains five delicious eggs to treat yourself and others to. Currently on offer are:

  • Cadbury 5 Creme Eggs 200g
  • Cadbury 5 Oreo Chocolate Eggs 155G
  • Cadbury 5 Caramel Eggs 195G

Why not check out the latest Easter egg deals at B&M for more of your favourites at affordable prices.

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