The $12 Countertop Vacuum That 'Picks Up Literally Everything' Is Going Viral on TikTok

If you're sick of finding tiny crumbs on your desk or countertops, a popular TikTok Amazon find is about to change your life. Within seconds, the Odistar desktop vacuum cleaner will pick up all the stray dirt, dust, and hair taking over your surfaces.

The small-but-mighty handheld vacuum cleaner is featured in tons of TikTok videos, including one from user @papernroses with 33,800 likes. The creator says "it's perfect for dusting off your workspace" and confirms they use it every day to quickly and easily clean their desk.

You can choose from battery-powered, wireless charging, and wired charging options. Each version has a simple on-off button and bristles on the bottom to catch stray hairs and dust particles. It fits in the palm of your hand, and you can move the vacuum in any direction to ensure all the corners and crevices of your surface have been covered. Once you're done cleaning your space, press down on the "push" button and remove the bottom cover to empty the waste bucket.

Buy It! Odistar Battery-Powered Desktop Vacuum Cleaner, $11.98;

"This has probably been one of my favorite purchases ever," one reviewer wrote. "The suction power is very good and picks up literally everything! Super easy to use and set up, and I would recommend this to anybody and their mothers."

A second shopper wrote, "I have small grooves in my kitchen table and when food and crumbs get down there, I can't get them out. This thing works like a dream! I use it in my craft room, too, to vacuum the glitter off my table."

Instead of trying to use a duster or a larger vacuum to clean your desk or kitchen counters, make your life easier with this mini handheld vacuum. And since it starts at $12, you can treat yourself to one for every room in your home. Shop the Odistar desktop vacuum cleaner on Amazon below.

Buy It! Odistar Wired Charging Desktop Vacuum Cleaner, $14.98;

Buy It! Odistar Wireless Charging Desktop Vacuum Cleaner, $18.98,

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