The hype around Netflix’s new lesbian vampire series is growing, and the trailer proves why

Netflix’s upcoming horror-romance series First Kill promises a vampire tale with fresh bite – and there isn’t long to wait before it lands on TV.

Vampire versus vampire-hunter: a familiar trope in the world of entertainment that, if you’ll pardon the pun, never gets old. But a tale of forbidden love between two queer otherworldly teens? Now that’s a different story – and one that Netflix has its sights on in upcoming series First Kill.

No stranger to giving successful novels the small-screen treatment, the streaming platform’s latest series is adapted from a short story by New York Times bestselling author VE Schwab, which first appeared in Vampires Never Get Old: Tales With Fresh Bite, a collection of blood-sucking yarns published in September 2020.

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And the story certainly does have fresh bite. The series follows teen vampire Juliette (Sarah Catherine Hook), who faces increasing pressure to make her first kill and establish herself in her family of legacy vampires.

Before long, she sets her sights on the beautiful and mysterious new girl in town, Calliope (Imani Lewis). The only trouble is, Calliope is a vampire-hunter who hails from a family of celebrated slayers. Both soon discover that it’s much harder to kill someone when romantic feelings are involved.

Netflix’s First Kill lands on 10 June

In a story accompanying the show’s first-look photos, the streaming giant writes: “Who among us hasn’t been in the trenches of high school, trying to navigate sweaty and overcrowded parties, changing friendship dynamics, a debilitatingly awkward first crush and a familial duty to kill said crush? 

“For the star-crossed lovers of First Kill – teen vampire Juliette and vampire-hunter Calliope – these priorities are all top of mind.”

Netflix’s First Kill lands on 10 June

Schwab, who has described her story as Buffy The Vampire Slayer meets Killing Eve, has joined the show as co-writer and executive producer, so we can be sure that First Kill has the author’s seal of approval. Felicia D Henderson (Gossip Girl) will serve as showrunner, executive-producing along with Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss.

The trailer teases plenty of fierce fights and forbidden love as the pair grapple with the conflict of falling in love with the wrong person. Take a look:

The internet is suitably excited ahead of the series release on 10 June, praising the show for everything from its unapologetic lesbian representation and diverse cast, to the smouldering chemistry between its two female leads.

All eight episodes of First Kill will be available to stream on Netflix globally on 10 June.

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