These Travel Bags Make Carrying a Single Stroller Easy

Traveling alone is one task in itself, but when you have your child with you, it takes a village to fly with them. You’ll need a list of extra things than you normally would, and one of the bulkiest and most cumbersome to deal with is your child’s stroller. It’s a necessity to have on hand with you during your family’s adventures, but isn’t exactly travel friendly. However, you can buy a carrying case that makes transporting it a bit more compact and easy while you’re catching a flight at the airport or if you need to pack it up in the back of your car. There are many options when it comes to the best single stroller travel bags, but most are safe to bring to the airport gate.

Purchasing a single stroller travel bags isn’t exactly the most exciting, but it’s pretty much an inevitable thing parents have to buy. There are a good amount of options to choose from, but most have similar features so you’re guaranteed to get one that does the job. Here are the best single stroller travel bags to make your load a lot easier to manage when you hit the road.

1. J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag

Rain is no match for this super durable stroller bag. Made of polyester, this bag features a double stitch lining, which will ensure it’s equipped to handle wear and tear while being dropped and carried while traveling. The bright red case and large logo make it easy to spot from afar, and there’s even an ID box where you can put your information in case it gets lost. This single stroller travel bag will protect your car seats from germs by checking it at the airplane gate instead of baggage claim. The bag is also easy to clean: simply wipe clean with mild soap and water.

2. Rayco Airplane Bag

Protect your stroller from dirt and germs with this functional single stroller travel bag. Equipped with a sturdy carrying strap, going to the airport or going on a road trip will no longer be the hassle it used to be. Thanks to the bright blue coloring, you’ll no longer have to search long and hard for your stroller bag after you land at the airport — plus, unlike some other widely used stroller bags, this one isn’t too in your face. The tough fabric is also water resistant so you won’t have to worry about water ruining the bag when a thunderstorm strikes. If you have a few small travel items that won’t fit in your purse, you can toss them in the attached zippered side pocket for convenience.

3. VolkGo Durable Stroller Bag for Airplane

If you’re looking for a single stroller travel bag that will hold single and dual strollers, this is just what you’ve been looking for. This universal travel bag easily folds flat for compact storage so it can fit when room is tight. The quality nylon material will withstand scratches, dust, and wear and tear so it can last throughout all your travels. Comfort is key for this stroller bag: it comes with two padded backpack straps so you can give your back some relief while carrying it around the airport until you board your flight. Best of all, it magically transforms into an easy-to-carry pouch for easier handling.

4. Gate Check PRO Stroller Bag

If durability is your top request when it comes to a single stroller travel bag, you’ll want to consider this heavy-duty bag that is meant to last for years to come. Whether you have back issues or not, the ergonomic back strap will feel nice on a tired back while traveling. Since space is often very limited while traveling, this bag converts into a handy pouch that will make carrying a snap. This bag is made with ballistic nylon that was once used by the U.S. military, so you know this bag is the real deal. There’s also a money-back guarantee, so you can have peace of mind trying it out!

5. Premium Stroller Bag

Looking for a single stroller travel bag isn’t always the most exciting, considering they tend to not be the most stylish thing you’ve shopped for. Luckily, the game has changed with this denim-like travel bag that you won’t be embarrassed to tote around the airport. Designed to make your trips hassle-free, this durable bag nicely folds into a compact pouch for easier transporting. Plus, it also can roll out to serve as a handy picnic mat or car boot liner when you’re out and about. The distinctive denim material will allow you to easily spot it once you land without being too harsh on the eyes.

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