This Dandruff Shampoo Has Another Secret Use

There’s nothing worse than a dry, uncomfortable scalp. It’s distracting and, at times, painful. While there are tons of dandruff shampoos out there that claim to get rid of flakes, there are few fragrance-free options gentle enough for those who have other skin-related issues like psoriasis or dermatitis. 

Amazon shoppers are convinced that Free & Clear hair shampoo is the best fragrance-free dandruff shampoo around — it has more than a thousand positive reviews that call the shampoo a “miracle in a bottle.” The reason being: It’s hypoallergenic and free from common irritants such as sulfates, dyes, fragrances and parabens, but still cleans as well as any other shampoo. So for those with sensitive scalps, Free & Clear is a major relief. 

“After years of suffering from dandruff, scalp sores, rashes, and such, I finally learned about this product, which changed my life for the good,” wrote one reviewer. “I am so thankful to have found this.” Another said, “I am a die-hard fan.” 

The dermatologist-tested shampoo works to stabilize and maintain your scalp’s natural pH, according to the product description, and is completely free of gluten, protein, and other substances that can block your hair follicles and cause dryness or irritation. 

Plus, there’s a secret benefit: Shoppers say Free & Clear can help combat acne for those who suffer from the fungal variety. Think about it, whatever shampoo and conditioner you use gets rinsed down your body and onto your face, so when you consider hair care products, you should also consider your skin. If you suffer from fungal acne, one shopper said this shampoo is a “necessity.” Another wrote,  “I've been on a mission to find products that will keep my sensitive skin clear. This shampoo does exactly that while cleaning my hair and leaving it soft.” 

A product that can improve your scalp health and combat acne? Truly iconic. Shop this dandruff-and-acne-fighting shampoo at Amazon. 

Free & Clear Hair Shampoo Fragrance, Gluten and Sulfate Free

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