This extra large cast iron cookware set is on sale for 30 percent off

Prior to quarantine, you probably did a lot of eating out, picking up takeout, and ordering Grubhub. Between commuting to work, driving your daughter to soccer practice, picking up your son from piano lessons, and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life, you probably feel pretty lucky that you were able to find time to eat at all—never mind cooking a meal at home.

Nowadays, with WFH and Zoom school, many of those excuses are out the window. Sure, you could order takeout, because, let’s face it: it’s a whole lot easier. But there are so many benefits of eating a home-cooked meal, like the ones you could make in this impressive cast-iron cookware set.

According to a study by Public Health Nutrition, people who frequently cook dinner at home consume fewer calories than those who cook less, and—get this—those who frequently cook at home also consume fewer calories on the occasions when they choose to eat out. There’s a nutritional aspect, too. According to a review of 41 studies published in Nutrition Reviews, those who cook at home less often tend to have diets that lack core food groups, including essentials like fruits and vegetables.

If you are ready to start whipping up delicious, healthy meals in the kitchen, then you need the right tools to make it happen. One of our favorite must-have cooking sets is the Pur Extra Large Cast Iron Pans Cookware: 3-Piece Set.

Since they are factory pre-seasoned, a lot of the hassle of cast iron is eliminated; you can expect them to be easy to clean and leave your food rich in flavor. They’re also virtually indestructible, designed to last for decades. Plus, since they are built to provide superior heat retention, your meals will turn out just right every time.

You can score the Pur Extra Large Cast Iron Pans Cookware: 3-Piece Set for only $69.99—that’s 30% off! Oh, and once you order it, be sure to check out some of our delicious recipes for some added inspiration.

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