This offer of free broadband until 2022 could convince you to ditch BT, Virgin and Sky

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It’s not often you get something for free, but that’s exactly what one new broadband provider is about to offer some of its customers. You may not have heard of Giganet, but this relatively new player in the telecoms market is certainly trying to stand out from the crowd by promising free internet access until October 2022. Yes, you did read that correctly.

And don’t think this freebie connection will be slower than old-fashioned dial-up speeds as Giganet also says that those who sign up will be offered downloads at around 500Mbps. That’s almost 10 times faster than the current UK average.

Another bonus of this free plan is that there’s no long-term contract to sign which means you can leave at any time.

The incredible deal was spotted by the eagle-eyed team at ISPreview with Giganet confirming to that a limited number of customers will be able to take advantage of this offer soon.

The firm says that it’s dishing out this option so customers with a dire copper connection can give faster full-fibre speeds at try before they buy. It’s a pretty good idea as once customers sign up they are unlikely to make the switch back to a standard line.

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The only downside of the free broadband is that Giganet only offers a connection in limited parts of the UK and you’ll need to be invited via email to join.

The firm recently announced new plans to connect over 300,000 UK homes and businesses and employ 200 new staff, as work begins on its own full-fibre network in Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire & West Sussex.

Speaking to ISPreview about the offer, Jarlath Finnegan, Giganet CEO, said: “This is a truly different approach to other ISPs and makes a bold statement. We want to prove the case for full fibre and encourage strong take-up. It is going to be great for busy families, home workers and help to drive a greener, more connected world.

“It should also help those who are locked into a copper-based deal and allow them to experience the benefits of full fibre sooner than they otherwise might. Our deal after this free initial period isn’t set yet, though we are always in line with market prices.”

And in a statement sent to, CSMO Andrew Skipsey, added: “Our take-up initiative dovetails with recommendations of the recent Government commissioned GigaTAG publication to improve knowledge, ease of changing providers and a general understanding of the benefits of full fibre internet. We are really excited about this amazing deal, which should drive significant adoption of full fibre in the areas we will be building. We are confident that most will stay with us once they have experienced our superb ultrafast broadband.”

Giganet is one of many fledgling broadband firms that are rivalling big names such as BT, Virgin Media and Sky. Community Fibre, which offers broadband in London recently announced a big price cut.

Things now start from £20 per month for 150Mbps internet access. There’s also 400Mbps speeds for £27.50 or, if you want the ultimate 1Gbps broadband, you’ll currently pay just £39 per month – that’s £20 cheaper than BT.

Community Fibre says that these deals, which can save up to £240, will be available until July 8 and are based on a 24-month contract.

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