Trisha Paytas slams James Charles for defending Charli D’Amelio amid backlash

Everyone wants in on the latest social media feud.

It started with backlash over “rude” and “entitled” 16-year-old TikTok star Charli D’Amelio, who lost 1 million followers after publicly complaining in a YouTube video that she hadn’t yet reached the 100 million mark — leaving her with a paltry 98.5 million currently. Fans as well as fellow internet-based celebs, including YouTuber Trisha Paytas, later criticized D’Amelio’s comments. She has so far been unapologetic.

Paytas, 32, continued her pile-on when she dragged make-up guru James Charles, 21, a frequent collaborator of D’Amelio’s, calling him “predatory” for glomming on to an “underage girl,” saying he should be “cancelled.”

“Definitely have always said no one deserves to be cancelled,” she tweeted to her 676,000 followers on Thursday. “Everyone has room for growth/positive influence. Except James Charles. Please cancel him. He [is] a forever victim with a superiority conflict, has never said sorry his whole life/hangs out with an underage girl regularly.”

In a response on Twitter, Charles said, “I didn’t want to respond to this because I didn’t want to give Trisha the attention that she’s clearly craving,” he sassed. “However, I have now been accused of being a child groomer and this is not an accusation that I’m going to take lightly. To insinuate that the relationship between Charli and I is anything other than just a friendship is absolutely disgusting.”

“I don’t need Charli and Charli does not need me,” Charles continued for his 7.2 million fans on the platform. “I became friends with the D’Amelio family as a whole very, very early on because this was all very, very new to them and I wanted to be a friend and a mentor in any way that I possibly could. And Charli and I, despite not being the same age, had one thing in common, which is coming into the spotlight at a very, very young age.”

Charles then launched his counter character attack on Paytas.

“This is something that Trisha has never experienced because the only reason she is in the spotlight is because she has said racist things, she has said the ‘n word,’ she’s done blackface, she offended the trans community, she offended the DID community, she said Hitler wasn’t that bad of a guy, voted for Trump, and has started a fight with about every single other creator on this platform,” Charles concluded.

Paytas has not responded to The Post’s request for comment regarding Charles’ accusations.

Indeed, Charles is no stranger to age-related controversies. Last year he was called out by social media celebs Tati Westbrook and Jeffree Star, who had also accused him of predatory tactics and later apologized.

Westbrook later claimed that Shane Dawson, a cohort of Paytas, has “manipulated” her into shaming Charles.

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