Troy Deeney couldn’t care less if Arsenal fans like him now after Watford ended Liverpool’s Invincibles bid – The Sun

TROY DEENEY thought it was his perfect day until someone went and ruined it by mentioning Arsenal.

Watford’s no-nonsense captain has been at war with the Gunners ever since he famously questioned the cojones of Arsene Wenger’s team.

So the fact that he had just helped to preserve the Invincibles’ place in football history meant less than nothing to him.

Social media was awash with grateful Arsenal fans thanking him for helping to inflict Liverpool’s first league defeat of the season.

But Deeney was having none of it and said: “Arsenal fans like me now? There’s a first.
“I suppose this result is significant for people who care about the Invincibles thing but I’m not bothered what the Arsenal fans think.

"Everyone had written us off before this game and said we were going to get hammered.

“I read all the comments and I see all the nonsense that people write on social media.

“Now they’ll be saying how good we were and that they knew we could win this game. But they’re all full of s***.”

There was never any danger of football’s straightest talker getting carried away by this stunning result — inspired by Tyson Fury and a day of downward dog.

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