Tyson Fury to 'run over' Deontay Wilder like an '18-wheeler' as Bronze Bomber will struggle to 'adjust' to pressure

TYSON FURY will make good on his promise to run through Deontay Wilder like an '18-wheeler', according to Paulie Malignaggi.

The WBC heavyweight champion will renew his rivalry with The Bronze Bomber on July 24 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Fan favourite Fury has vowed to turn in a repeat performance of his rematch with Wilder last February, in which he utilised relentless forward pressure to score a seventh-round TKO victory.

And Malignaggi reckons The Gypsy King will successfully utilise the same tactic in his third clash with the American.

The former two-weight world champion told iFL TV: “He’s big enough, he’s taller, he’s heavier, and he’s physically stronger.

“People say, ‘He’s not a big puncher; how is he hurting Wilder?’

"So when you’re being backed up and bullied, something psychologically clicks in you.

“It’s like, wow, it’s like a boy being beaten up by a man. It psychotically brings you down.


"Wilder may not have wanted to stop fighting in the last fight, and that shows the heart of a champion.

“But he was also like a boy being beaten up by a man. He couldn’t stop that momentum of Fury.

"Like Fury says, he’s going to be able to run over Wilder again.

“I don’t see Wilder being able to adjust to that. I don’t see Wilder being able to prevent that from happening again.

“To me, Fury already proved that he could outbox him in the first fight.

"Then, in the second fight, he just ran him over. I think that’s the approach to take.

"I think Fury was brilliant to realise that in round 12 of the first fight to where he realised, ‘If I back this guy up, he can’t fight me.’

"I think it’s going to be the same way again.

“I don’t want to underestimate Wilder, but we have seen him in twice with Fury and I don’t think he matches up well."

Wilder, 35, has brought in former foe Malik Scott to oversee his latest training camp and help add new tools to his arsenal.

But Malignaggi believes the Olympic bronze medallist will be hard-pressed to fight Fury on the backfoot.

He said: “I just don’t think he stylistically matches up with Fury. I don’t think Wilder fights going backwards really well.

“For anybody that gives me the Szpilka knockout or [Luis] Ortiz knockout in the second fight, a step-back counter shot isn’t fighting going backwards.

“I’m talking about a guy that is consistently backing you up, and your momentum now is taking you backwards and psychologically; you need to be in reverse mode fighting.

“That’s what Fury does to you, and I don’t think Wilder knows how to fight like that.

"There have been some really great fighters that didn’t know how to fight going backwards.

"Sometimes it’s a matter of styles, and it’s a problem.

"I think Wilder needs to believe his own hype in this situation between he lost his last fight.

"So I think he needs to believe that there were reasons for it."

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