Video Shows Exact Moment Capitol Siege Began As Two Men Attacked Police and Broke First Barrier

The Trump supporters ripped through a metal fence as officers tried in vain to contain them.

A shocking video caught the exact moment Trump supporters broke through police barriers and sieged the nation’s Capitol on Wednesday.

After the President held a rally to falsely claim the election was stolen, the attendees marched towards the Capitol in protest of Joe Biden’s electoral college confirmation and breached the building’s security, resulting in a violent and deadly riot inside.

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In the two minute clip shared by Twitter user Elijah Schaffer, the Trump supporters were seen approaching a preliminary metal fence, guarded by a handful of officers, which was placed hundreds of feet away from the Capitol structure itself.

As the crowd increased in both size and animosity, the police attempted to hold them back using the fence as a barrier. However, the pack of agitators began to physically fight with the officers, eventually knocking several down along with the fence. The video ends as the crowd overtook the security measures and made their way to the front of the Capitol building.

The ransack of the “American people’s house” that ensued resulted in property damage, federal workers scrambling for safety and the fatal shooting of a female rioter. It has been reported three others died as well due to the siege.

Many have argued that the President is responsible for inciting the riot, as Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a Republican from Illinois, called for the 25th Amendment to be invoked on Thursday morning to remove Trump from office.

Watch the harrowing video, below.

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