What happened to Eurotrash stars – overdose, First Dates heartache and hit music

Eurotrash was easiest the naughties programme on TV at the time, airing n Channel 4 in the 90s.

Channel 4 even described the show as: "Boasting spectacular sets, cheeky yarns, gargantuan boobies, oddball antics, and of course – naked people in places you wouldn’t expect to see naked people."

The show's X-rated antics, including celeb sex confessions and the world's biggest boobs certainly got people talking, along with the hilarious wit and charm from French co-hosts, Antoine de Caunes and fashion guru Jean Paul Gaultier.

But what happened to the stars of the show and where are they 17 years after the series ended?

Antoine de Caunes

It wouldn't have been the same show without the wit, charm and humour from Antoine de Caunes, alongside co-presenter Jean-Paul Gaultier – that's right the fashion designer!

After the show came to a end in 1997, his career in the UK was short lived after he hosted another show on Channel 4, Le Show which proved to be a flop.

He later featured in the advertising for, Rowntrees Fruit pastel ice lollies before returning to French screens instead.

After returning to his roots and since September 2013, he now hosts Canal and Le Grand Journal.

Jean-Paul Gaultier

Jean-Paul wowed spectators with a number of racy outfits and steamy content, alongside co-host Antoine de Caunes.

Back in the 90s, he was probably more famous for his work in the fashion industry, including wild and flamboyant creations before he took centre stage on the wacky and explicit show in 1993.

After the show drew its final curtain in 1997, he returned to his root in fashion creating the luxury brand Hermès in 2003.

Earlier this year, Jean-Paul declared he was retiring on his 50th-anniversary at the haute couture show, during Paris Fashion Week

Lolo Ferrari

She was better known as "the woman with the largest breasts in the world" as she proudly flaunted her 54K assets week-in week-out on Eurotrash.

At just 33-years-old, she had been on the surgery table, 22 times and could have swooped herself a Guinness Book of World Record title for her enormous pair.

Lolo who was actually born Eve Valois was a dancer and pornographic actress prior to her stint on the show.

Sadly on March 5, 2000, Lolo died of a suspected drug overdose, although questions were raised and a line of enquiry carried out as to whether her husband Eric Vigne had any involvement in his wife's death.

Later in 2007, after a length court hearing, Eric was cleared of all charges.

Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni, is better know as the former French first lady after she married Nicolas Sarkozy, the former French President, in 2008.

Although, many will not release that Carla actually featured on Eurotrash in 1996, in a saucy clip, she'd probably rather forget.

The clip of Carla, discussing sex in four different languages, during the interview with Antoine de Caunes, resurfaced on You Tube.

Carla was caught asking: "Do you like my titties?" in German, Italian and Spanish before describing a sex act.

After her stint on the show, besides marrying a successful French politician, she went on to have a successful career in music, selling over five million albums during her career.

Melinda Messenger

The Page 3 pinup was a popular and regular feature on the show, acting as a "roving reporter" that included modelling fetish wear and acting as a nude magician's assistant.

Following her time on Eurotrash, she went on to win Rear Of The Year in 1997 and later channelled her energies into her on-screen career.

Melinda went on to host her own show on Channel 5 in 1998, called Melinda's Big Night In, although it wasn't meant to be and the show was axed the year after.

More recently the blonde bombshell has features on reality show's including Celebrity Big Brother in 2002 and ITV's The Jump in 2014.

She found love with her pairing on Celebrity First Dates, meeting coffee shop boss Chris Harding in the famous restaurant.

However, despite getting along famously on the date and quickly embarking on a romance, the pair called it a day after eight months, reportedly after a blazing row.

According to The Sun, Chris claimed he "never wanted to kiss her again" after their acrimonious break-up.

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