What To Pack In A Carry-On For Spring Break In Mexico & Extra Sunbeams

It’s that time of the year when college students — like yourself — are gearing up for spring break. Some of your crew may be going to Europe, while you and other BFFs are headed for the sun and surf in Mexico. Do you have your packing list together yet? If not, this is a definitive list of everything you’ll need for your upcoming vacation. Never again will you wonder what to pack in a carry-on for spring break in Mexico.

That’s a relief, right? Packing is probably one of the most stressful parts of going on a trip, next to getting to your gate on time. Having a list of everything you need prevents you from having to scroll through Pinterest posts and text your BFFs messages in the group chat like, "Do I need multiple pairs of flip flops, or just one?" It gives you additional time to organize your clothes in your carry-on, put together a playlist for the plane, and print out any travel documents you need before take-off.

Not to mention, it lets you put your focus on downloading apps for long flights and gathering inspo for the inevitable pics you’ll take with the hotel’s pool or ocean waves. Without further ado, here’s exactly what to pack in your carry-on for spring break in Mexico.

1. This Cool Cutout Top That’ll Upgrade Any #Look

Having a few cute, versatile tops is essential for every trip you go on. But this white bralette-style top will bring the tropical vibes of Mexico to your vacation #looks. It’ll be the best staple for your getaway wardrobe, as it’s perfect for a sunrise yoga session, lunch on the beach, and catching a flight home. Pair it with the coordinating cutout leggings ($110, gigicbikinis.com) and a denim jacket to complete your look.

2. This Tie-Dye Pouch That Totally Pops

Tie-dye is totally in right now, and you’ll want to embrace this trend on spring break. Purchase this tie-dye pouch that’s cute and colorful to brighten up your bag and get yourself into the #vacay mindset. It’ll perfectly fit your headphones, on-the-go beauty products, and scrunchies.

3. This Bathing Suit That’s Ready For Sun

Going to Mexico means you’re likely going to spend many days swimming in the pool or soaking in the ocean. You need a bathing suit, then, that’s totally ready for fun in the sun. This cheetah-printed one will be comfortable whether you’re relaxing on a lounge chair or splashing in the saltwater.

4. These Trendy Sandals For The Beach

Will you be walking on sunshine on spring break? Duh. You’re going to Mexico, after all. Stroll the beach in style with these sandals that’ll match well with everything from bathing suits, to sundresses, to flowy pants. Spoiler alert: Because of their material, they’re fairly flexible for packing, too.

5. This High-Waisted Bikini That’s #Fire

Spicing up your wardrobe is #necessary when you’re heading on spring break. Enter, this high-waisted bikini that’s anything but boring, and made for making you feel beautiful inside and out. It has ruffles on the sleeves, too, that are flirty and fun.

6. This Tote That’ll Easily Hold Your Essentials

If you’re going to be doing a lot of adventuring and exploring, then having a tote will be essential on spring break. This one is pretty large, so it’ll fit a towel, your sunglasses, a bottle of your go-to sunscreen, and more. Roll it up in your carry-on bag or use it as your personal item on the plane, if you aren’t already bringing a backpack or purse along with you.

7. This Straw Hat That’ll Stand Out On Instagram

Many Instagram influencers seem to have a chic hat that travels around the world with them. Channel their closets by picking up this straw hat that’ll complement every outfit you wear on spring break. Just do yourself a favor and wear it on the plane so it doesn’t get crushed in your carry-on.

8. This Striped Towel That’s Cozy And Cute

If you find that you have some extra space in your carry-on bag or need something to wrap your cameras and lenses in, then look no further than this beach towel. It’s made for the waves and all the new mems you’ll make on spring break. Be sure to take pics with it and your BFFs by your side.

9. This Film Camera For Magical Pics

Do you know what would make Mexico look even more magical on your social media accounts? A film camera. Your photos would come out with a natural grain, bright colors, and a sense of wonder. You wouldn’t even need to apply a preset to them — although if you wanted to, you always could.

10. These Silicone Containers That Are Travel-Sized

Packing everything in your carry-on bag is a great idea. But make sure you don’t forget to downsize to TSA-approved containers for your bathroom products. The bottles in this set look like the ocean and will be the perfect for holding your face wash, shampoo, and conditioner for the week. Order them and then get ready for the extra sunbeams in Mexico.

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