Which shops are rationing supplies due to the coronavirus outbreak

Today, as experts have revealed that the UK is at the start of a coronavirus outbreak, supermarket have outlined their plans to control food availability as Covid-19 potentially affects supply chains.

Some have already begun rationing stock to stop people who are stockpiling from emptying the shelves.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK is nearing 200 and panicked shoppers are wiping out aisles of nappies, tinned and dried food, toilet paper and… prosecco.

Chemists are also running low of hang sanitiser and cleaning products – though the NHS advises that the best defence is to frequently wash your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds.

Supermarkets have not yet turned to emergency measures, but some are limiting what you can buy.

Here’s what the major shops are limiting at this point, accurate to the morning of the 7 March.

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  • Aldi – hand sanitiser, two per person only
  • Asda – hand sanitiser, two per person only
  • Boots – hand sanitiser, two per person only
  • Iceland – hand sanitiser and cleaning products, four per person online
  • Lidl – No limit
  • Morrisons – No limit
  • Ocado– No limit. Delivery delayed.
  • Sainsbury’s – No limit
  • Superdrug – hand sanitiser, two per person only
  • Tesco – No limit
  • Waitrose – Antibac soap and wipes, four per person only online

While some retailers have limited sales of hand gel and cleaning products, many of the limits are online only.

So,Iceland and Waitrose have placed limits on what can be bought online but you can still stock up in stores.

The Sun spoke to several retailers, but Tesco and Morrisons would not confirm to them if they have set limits on customer purchases.

Ocado has warned that there could be delays on food deliveries due to the increased demand and size of orders.

While the BBC reported last year that 45% of consumers had shopped for groceries online, the number is swelling as many prepare for self-isolation.

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There are questions over whether the service can grow to meet the demand.

The brand behind Carex, PZ Cussons, said they had increased production of their hand gels and wash.

It is feared that the virus, which has killed two in the UK, could leave one in five adults off work at its peak.

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