Woman brands date ‘monster’ as he got two cake pops and ate both in front of her

We've all got a dating horror story or two to share, but most of us can turn the trials and tribulations we experience when looking for love into a funny anecdote to laugh about with friends.

One woman recently did this after going out with a man and having a rather bizarre moment with him.

Three weeks ago, on Valentine's Day, writer, Alisha Rai met up with a guy for a first date and the pair had coffee.

Things were going well, her date bought her a coffee and also returned to the table with two cake pops in hand.

Alisha thought it was an incredibly sweet gesture for him to get them and was about to thank him, when he proceeded to eat both of the sweet treats in front of her.

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A little stunned, she decided to recount the experience on Twitter , joking that he must be a "monster".

She wrote: "Yesterday I met a guy for coffee and he asked what I'd like to drink and went and fetched the order.

"And he came back with two cake pops and I was like aw that's cute! And then he ate them both. In front of me… so like he's clearly a monster right?"

Her post quickly went viral, with more than 358,000 people liking it and over 23,000 retweeting it.

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Many people thought her post was hilarious, agreeing the guy was terrible.

One replied: "That's the type of monster who wouldn't share a floating door when the Titanic sinks. Cut him loose."

Another said: "It's nice when they wave those red flags so bright."

"He's chaotic evil," proclaimed a third. "Never speak to him again."

Some even went as far as to brand his behaviour "selfish", "inconsiderate" and "amazingly rude".

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However not everyone thought the story was funny and some were outraged Alisha thought she was "entitled" to a cake pop.

Someone else tweeted: "The whole debate seems very strange to me. Am I the only person who simply orders what she wants without expecting someone else to cater for me? I would never expect someone else's dessert."

A second stated: "People are way overreacting to a guy who wanted his cake pops. It's not his job to buy you dessert."

"You are a feminist, why not get your own," asked a third.

Alisha later clarified that her post was intended as a joke and admitted she was shocked by the negativity she'd received because of it.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, she said people were flooding her Instagram , Twitter and Facebook with horrible emails, death threats and even threats of rape – all because her tweet garnered a lot of attention.

But ultimately she doesn't regret sending the tweet and says she would have written the exact same thing had it "been a girlfriend who sat down and did that".

She also confessed that she hadn't seen or spoken to the man again since date and added: "The cake pops are not just cake pops, they're a metaphor for the kindness we show strangers. Be a little bit kinder to people and share your damn cake pops!"

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