Woman claims you should sit backwards on loo so you can watch TV while pooing

A woman has started a bizarre trend of sitting on the toilet backwards so that you can watch TV or eat and drink at the same time.

US-based TikTok user Amy Troyer showed viewers how she does it as she sat backwards facing the flush button with a tablet placed on top.

"This will change your life forever," she said in the clip, which was viewed more than 3.4 million times. "You've been pooping wrong.

"What I want you to do is poop backwards. Get your favourite snacks, get your favourite show and that’s how you poop.

"It’s the best of all times. You just sit there jamming and pooping."

Strange as it sounds, it wasn't long until some viewers tried it themselves.

Another TikTok user, Karla, did a stitch with Amy on TikTok and showed her hauling the snacks and a Corona beer to the bathroom, as seen in the video above.

She sat on the toilet facing the wall and put on a show on Netflix to get herself ready for taking a number two.

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Both Amy and Karla's video, however, left many viewers disgusted as they could not stand the thought of eating in the bathroom.

One said: "My food cannot and will not touch bathroom air."

"Bathroom is not a place for food," a second commented with a vomit emoji.

A third strongly denied the idea and wrote: "Eating and pooping? Hell no."

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