Woman reveals packing hack where she fits all her stuff in a carry on bag – saving space and money

SQUEEZING everything you need for a holiday into one piece of hand luggage can be tricky.

Especially with strict airline rules on what you're allowed to carry, and how big your bag can be.

But a woman has shared a tip for fitting as much stuff as possible into a single piece of hand luggage, saving space for more items and saving money on extra luggage at the airport.

A Tiktok user with the handle @mylifesatravelmovie uploaded a video to the social media site which showed her packing a small suitcase.

Her trick is to use travel compression bags to squish all the air out of her clothes so that she can fit more in.

She said: "Here's my top secret tip for packing as many outfits as possible into a carry on: travel compression bags. Here's how they work.

"Okay so the first part of this trick is laying everything flat, not folding it the regular way or rolling it or doing anything that's too bulky."

While speaking, she stacked clothes into a pile on her bed.

She continued: "So I have like 12 pieces of clothing here including jackets.

"Then you shove the pile into the travel compression bag, get everything in there, seal it really tight shut.

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"Don't let any air get into it, otherwise it won't work.

"Then you need to roll the air out, which you might need to get on top of the bag like I do to get it all out. Squish squish squish.

"And now it's like one third the size so it fits perfectly in a carry on and you still have room for a second one if you need it, or your toiletries."

The video has been watched 286,000 times. Some users have compared the compression bags to vacuum bags, where you use a nozzle to suck the air out.

But the Tiktok user explained that you often can't fit the nozzle into the suitcase, so the compression bags are more effective.

Other viewers raised the issue of squeezing everything back into the compression bags if airport security asks you to open them.

One person wrote: "I did that in my last trip and they opened it to check why it was so compressed. After they opened it I couldn't close my carry on again."

Another commented: "And then just pray that security don't want to check in there. Great tip though."

The creator of the video replied: "Haha that has happened to me and I made them help me close it."

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