How to Actually Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet

So you want to go on a sugar detox. Smart idea. Quick refresher: Sugar has been tied to weight gain, depression, and increased risk of pretty much every disease — and reducing your intake is suggested by every health professional worldwide. 

While nixing sweets from your eternal future sounds overwhelming, even cutting out sugar temporarily for a 'sugar reset' can help you kick the habit and find an overall healthier relationship with sugar in the long term, says Harley Pasternak, celeb trainer and co-founder of Sweetkick.

For those who consider themselves addicted, there's good news: It'll only take about two weeks off sugar for the cravings to quit, says Drew Ramsey, M.D. assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University who studies how nutrition affects mood disorders.

And if you make it a month, for most people that means they’ve found a sustainable way to eat sugar-free. But a lot of people relapse in the third or fourth week, he adds. Your best bet: Go in with a game plan.

Here are some general rules to make cutting back on sugar easier on your brain and body.

1. Don’t go cold turkey.

No-sugar challenges have become super popular (hey J.Lo!), but it’s not a great idea for most. Unless you’re already pretty strict about your sugar intake, trying to go to zero sugar will cause a crash, Dr. Ramsey says. Instead, aim to whittle your way down to getting just 10% of your daily calories from added sugar, which is what pretty much every governing body advises Americans aim for. (If you eat 1800 calories a day, that's 180 grams.) Once 10% feels sustainable (likely after four weeks), you can continue to chip away at that till it’s as low as possible. The American Heart Association, for example, advises capping added sugar at 6 teaspoons (25 grams) a day for women, which is just 2% of an 1800 calorie diet.

2. Give all fruits a pass.

Pasternak and Dr. Ramsey agree anything from nature still in its whole form is a-okay. Plus, the natural sugars are the best option to satisfy your sweet tooth. Don’t be fooled by processed versions, like dried fruit.

3. Remove all trigger foods from your pantry.

If it’s not there, you can’t eat it. That sounds basic, but it's the most crucial concept to master. Pasternak advises doing a house-wide clean-out — go through the fridge, freezer, and cupboards and read every label, tossing anything that has refined sugars. A massive purge also helps reduce the mental exhaustion of having to double check every ingredient when you go to cook dinner.

4. Look at everything.

And we mean everything. “Ketchup, barbecue sauce, most granolas, and most breakfast cereals are absolutely loaded with sugar,” Pasternak says. Other super common offenders you may think are safe: Greek yogurt, salad dressing, and even that tonic water you use in cocktails.

5. Rethink your drinks.

“Sugar-sweetened beverages are the first line of attack,” says Kimber Stanhope, Ph.D., R.D, research nutritional biologist with the University of California Davis and the SugarScience team at the University of California San Francisco. The most obvious, of course, is soda. But about two-thirds of coffee drinkers and one-third of tea drinkers put sugar or sugary flavorings in their drinks, says a 2017 study Public Health. Don’t forget about milk alternatives, either — most of the oat, soy, and almost milks used at a coffee shop are the sweetened variety.

6. Switch to a sugar alternative if you need.

Outside of whole fruit, we’re talking about a spectrum of evil, with added sugar and most artificial sweeteners topping the charts. Agave is surprisingly high up there, as it contains very high amounts of fructose and is typically too processed to earn the badge of a natural sweetener. The research is mixed on honey, but it’s wise to use it sparingly because it also has a high fructose content. Aspartame is surprisingly your healthiest bet if you aren’t going cold turkey. “There are no data to show aspartame has any negative effects on body weight or disease risk factors from more than 15 human studies lasting 2 weeks to 3 years,” Dr. Stanhope says. Don’t overdo it — there may be a connection between eating aspartame and cancer over time (jury’s still out, says the American Cancer Society). But in the short term, aspartame is certainly better than sugar-sweetened drinks and a better choice to get you off the fructose, Dr. Stanhope adds.

7. Get your co-workers on board.

Offices are one of the biggest diet busters thanks to Bagel Fridays and those amazing cookies your cube-mate has a never-ending stash of. “It’s that whole ‘it takes a village’ idea,” Dr. Stanhope says. At 3 p.m. when you’re getting hungry and your resistance is down from a long day, a conference room filled with pastries can be impossible even for the strong-willed to pass up. 

8. Make a list of swaps.

“There are lots of ways to have sweetness and carbohydrates in your diet and be healthy,” Dr. Ramsey says. Purple sweet potatoes, for example, are a deliciously sweet carbohydrate and a great swap for sugar-laden potato chips. Make a list of what you crave or snack on most and a healthier option with a similar palette — dark chocolate almonds for chocolate-covered pretzels, plain Greek yogurt with berries for ice cream, kombucha for soda.

9. Don’t even walk down the grocery store aisles.

As you probably know from scrolling Instagram, simply looking at pictures of sugar sets off an alarm in our brain. And functional MRI data has shown that those who had the most activation in the reward center of their brain when looking at pictures of sugar were also more likely to have gained weight two years later, Dr. Stanhope says. We’re trying to detox both your body and brain from sugar, so don’t even give it the opportunity to light up at a cereal box. Stick to the outer perimeter of the store as much as possible, which is most often where all the fresh food is.

10. Focus on protein and fat.

“Focusing on filling up on the right foods — namely quality protein and healthy fats — will prevent your blood sugar from dropping, which will make you want to reach for sugar,” Pasternak says. Nuts, avocados, and hard-boiled eggs all make for a quick, sugar-free blood-sugar stabilizer.

11. Look closely at your workout fuel.

Athletes have more tooth decay, gingivitis (an early indicator of gum disease), and gum inflammation despite high levels of brushing and flossing and regular dentist checkups — all because they consume so many sports drinks and gels which all contain sugar, says research out of Australia. Look at your running gels, protein bars, hydration drinks, and protein powders — all of which are often loaded with added sugars — and try and stick to only natural sweeteners like dates and fruit, Dr. Ramsey advises.

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How to Handle Relationships & Divorce amid Coronavirus, According to Celebrity Lawyer Laura Wasser

With anxieties and tensions running high during the coronavirus pandemic, relationship and co-parenting issues might amplify during these trying times.

According to celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, the best way to handle mounting relationship and parenting tensions without having to involve lawyers or the court system is to try and utilize the three Cs: consideration, cooperation and communication.

“Adaptation and flexibility is key during this time,” says Wasser, 51. “A big part of this is the communication. Whenever there’s change, you have a situation where people are having to adapt to that change.”

The Los Angeles-based attorney — whose clients have included Jennifer Garner, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise and Kim Kardashian —  says the biggest issue she’s seeing with her clients right now involves custody schedules and figuring out how non-custodial parents can still see their children without risking their safety.

“You really can’t share custody the way you did before [the COVID-19 outbreak],” she says. “We have to figure out how these custody schedules will work, facilitating that time and making it so that the noncustodial parent gets to see and hear from, and at least get a little bit of quality face time, literally, with the kids by Zoom or FaceTime.”

Wasser — who is also the CEO and founder of online divorce platform It’s Over Easy, designed to help couples dissolve their marriages in an accessible and affordable way — says it’s important to remember that although courts are closed, you can still work through or resolve legal issues via retired judges and mediators who are working remotely.

“You can schedule them anytime when your judicial officer’s willing to,” she says. “I had two settlement conferences today. One was via telephone and one was via Zoom. Those retired judges are still working, so we can get ahold of them and if we can schedule a time with them, we can actually have either mediation sessions or actual hearings virtually. The It’s Over Easy platform totally lends itself to that kind of mediation, and that has been really helpful.”

Does Wasser foresee a rise in divorces post-quarantine?

“We’ve had a little bit of a spike [in traffic] on It’s Over Easy, but that may not be because people are quarantined and realize they hate each other, but because they’re at home and actually the time to get to this [filing for divorce],” she says.

Wasser adds that the reports about China’s surge in divorce filings post-quarantine don’t necessarily mean that stay-home orders caused them, or that it will happen in the U.S.

“I read all of the stats about China and I think it’s interesting, but I also think you need to take it with a grain of salt,” she says. “One explanation is because all of those agencies were closed I think for three months, of course there was a spike afterwards. Under normal circumstances people probably would have been going [to file] and couldn’t go for three months. When you close something for three months, and then you open it up, of course there’s a spike.”

Wasser says that despite the fact that she is a divorce lawyer, she doesn’t advise anyone to rush into such a major life decision — especially during a pandemic.

“I would tell people don’t be too hasty just because your spouse is getting on your nerves during quarantine,” she says. “Give it a second when it’s done to figure out whether you really want to be divorced, or you really just are going to enjoy that space you have now. This is your opportunity to be able to say, ‘I gave it everything that I could when we were living under the same roof.'”

As information about the coronavirus pandemic rapidly changes, PEOPLE is committed to providing the most recent data in our coverage. Some of the information in this story may have changed after publication. For the latest on COVID-19, readers are encouraged to use online resources from CDC, WHO, and local public health departments. To help provide doctors and nurses on the front lines with life-saving medical resources, donate to Direct Relief here.

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Alicia Keys Recruits Jay-Z, Oprah, Michelle Obama & More For Audiobook

Alicia Keys has recruited Jay-Z, Bono, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, and many others, to chip in for the audiobook of her autobiography, “More Myself: A Journey.”

Keys announced that both editions of her autobiography will release on March 31 via Flatiron Books and Macmillan Audio.

Keys describes the upcoming autobiography as a “360-degree perspective” on her career, from her formative years through “the process of self-discovery she’s still navigating.”

“This audiobook has so much amazing energy, I’ve never experienced something so intimate. It’s nuanced and surprising and musical and emotional! I love it, and I am grateful to all my friends and loved ones for joining me on this ride,” Keys said in a statement. “Recording this was a meditative experience, and I cannot wait for the world to hear my story from my own voice.”

Meanwhile, the singer is working on her seventh studio album, which is due out this spring.

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'Tiger King': John Finlay Shares His Theory on What Changed Ex-Husband, Joe Exotic

The Netflix series, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness follows the feud between Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage also known as “Joe Exotic” and Carole Baskin. Many people shared their stories in it including John Finlay, who was married to Maldonado-Passage. He claimed something changed the zookeeper before he took a bad turn.

‘Tiger King’ followed Joe Exotic’s feud with Carole Baskin

Baskin was focused on closing Maldonado-Passage’s zoo because he was breeding tigers and using the cubs for a petting zoo. He retaliated by making claims she was involved in her husband’s disappearance, using a name similar to her company’s to confuse people, and made music videos about her.

There is no evidence that Baskin was actually involved in her husband’s disappearance. Exotic eventually was sentenced to prison for 22 years for trying to hire someone to murder Baskin.

He had 4 husbands

Joe Exotic has had four husbands. His first was Brian Rhyne. They met in 1980 and Rhyne was 19 years old when he moved in with the zookeeper. Rhyne later died in 2001 from complications from HIV.

Finlay then worked for Joe Exotic’s zoo and roadshow. Their relationship eventually became romantic. The zoo owner then got married to Finlay and Travis Maldonado in a three-way ceremony.

Finlay later left him and married a secretary that worked at the park named Stormey. Maldonado died in 2017 from accidentally shooting himself with a gun. Exotic then married Dillon Passage.

John Finlay thinks getting followers changed him

The Joe Exotic podcast by Wondery released a bonus episode called “I Was Married to Joe Exotic.” It included Rob Moor’s interview with Finlay.

Moor asked him if it was a genuine loving relationship. “In the beginning it felt that way. But about eight years into it, it didn’t,” answered Finlay. The host asked what it felt like after those eight years. “Like he was just using me. He took credit for a lot of stuff that I did,” Finlay said.

He later talked about his ex-husband wanting a lot of attention. “No, he wasn’t good about sharing the spotlight ever,” said Finlay. “He always had to be the center of attention. Somebody try to upstage him, he’d knock him down. He would make jokes about ’em, whatever just to get the spotlight back onto him.”

Finlay said he slowly started becoming this way. “In the beginning, it was all about the animals and toward the end it was about the stardom and the money,” he said. “Animals were last on his list.” He shared what he thought changed about his ex-husband.

“I think it was all the followers that he was getting. I mean he had 200,000 followers or something like that at times,” he said before adding, “everything went to his head.”

Finlay has since updated fans of the documentary on his life. He shared a picture with his wife on Facebook and captioned it with, “Yes I have my teeth fixed. The producers of the Netflix series had video and pictures of this, but chose not to show it.”

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David and Victoria Beckham splash out £20million on a luxury five bedroom Miami home with helipad and luxury pool – The Sun

WHEN David Beckham goes house-hunting, he is not one to skimp.

The former England ace and his wife Victoria, 45, have snapped up a £20million apartment in the “most luxurious” Miami skyscraper in the area, complete with its own helipad, luxury pool and gym.

Goldenballs, 44, splashed out on the 10,000 sq ft, five-bed property in the One Thousand Museum high-rise after taking ownership of the new Inter Miami Football Club.

The luxury block, which is 700ft tall, was designed by the late British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, who was behind the 2012 Olympics Aquatic Centre in Stratford, East London.

I bet Becks’ new pool is nice, then. Here, we take you inside for a guided tour.


Architect Zaha, who died in 2016, was known as the “Queen Of Curves” – and this flamboyant concierge desk shows why. Zaha also designed the 2017 Brit award, so this is the closest Posh has been to one in 20 years.


Huge free-standing baths offer a place for Posh and Becks to unwind. The apartment has five bedrooms, but seven toilets. Maybe David did the maths.


The building is so tall that engineers had to drill 170ft into the ground to stop it falling over. It has a helipad, and is a stone’s throw from the Adrienne Arsht Center For Performing Arts. Posh could pop in for some singing lessons.


Each apartment has access to a “bank-quality vault”. A perfect place for David to put his knighthood, if it ever comes.


Apartments come with a roofed driveway, and the marketing excitedly promises high-speed elevators with “destination-entry smart technology”. So, just like every Holiday Inn you’ve ever stayed in.


Communal areas are constantly refreshed with “custom scenting”. If that doesn’t give any visitors a headache, the winding staircase surely will.


The open-plan space leads to a terrace with views over the city. The blurb says how close it is to all of the main sporting venues, including basketball side Miami Heat, baseball’s Miami Marlins and tennis centre Crandon Park. Oddly, it doesn’t mention Becks’ Inter Miami side, just a ten-minute drive away.


A shirtless David enjoys a kickabout in Inter Miami’s new stadium with his boys Romeo, Brooklyn and Cruz

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Banks warning over coronavirus ‘smishing’ text scams where fraudsters raid your account with one click – The Sun

BANKS have issued a warning over coronavirus "smishing" scams targeting the vulnerable.

The pandemic has sparked a rise in messages where the tricksters pretend to be well-known organisations to get personal information.

⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates

UK Finance warned customers of the need to be careful while using phones, the internet and even of being targeted on your front doors.

It added "spoofing" – which makes a message appear genuine as it comes up with previous real messages – is a growing concern.

Often the messages will include a link to a fake website that is designed to trick people into giving away their financial and personal information such as bank details, passwords and credit card numbers.

Katy Worobec, Managing Director of Economic Crime, UK Finance, said: “Criminals are callously exploiting the coronavirus outbreak to commit fraud, including using scam text messages imitating government departments, banks and other trusted organisations.

“We are urging consumers to remain vigilant and avoid clicking on links in any unsolicited text messages in case it’s a scam.

“It’s always safer to log into your bank account directly or contact the organisation on a trusted number or email such as the one on their official website.

“Always follow the advice of the Take Five to Stop Fraud campaign and take a moment to stop and think before parting with your money or information. If you receive a suspicious text message, report it to your network provider by forwarding it to 7726.”

It comes as the number of people who have died from coronavirus in England is now 1,284 after 159 more deaths were announced.


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The Department of Health has so far recorded 22,141 positive Covid-19 cases in Britain.

Today's figure marks the first time the daily increase in deaths has fallen for two consecutive days and has dropped from 260 on Saturday, the worst day in the crisis so far.

According to one of the government's chief health advisers the outbreak is now "starting to slow" – but deaths will keep rising.

A Sun Online investigation revealed sick fraudsters are creating thousands of new scams every day to try and cash in on the Covid-19 pandemic.

We discovered how more than 16,000 internet-domain names related to coronavirus have been set up with the intention of conning unsuspecting members of the public.

Internet-security expert Neil Doyle warned: “It’s like the wild-west out there and it only shows signs of getting worse and worse. People need to be on their guard.”

One phishing scam saw crooks send e-mails claiming to be from the Government offering recipients tax refunds to cope with the coronavirus crisis.

Several fake "diagnosis" scams and hoaxes are doing the rounds online. Instagram has already banned rogue coronavirus filters that claim to "diagnose" your condition.

Fraudsters have also impersonated the World Health Organisation and urges victims to open a document that supposedly contains information about how to stay safe.

There have also been reports of NHS workers being targeted for their ID-badges by muggers. They then use them to jump the queues at supermarkets.

It has prompted many hospitals to issue new guidance to their staff warning them to be careful – especially when leaving at night.

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How Are You Dealing With FOMO Right Now?

The journalists at BuzzFeed News are proud to bring you trustworthy and relevant reporting about the coronavirus. To help keep this news free, become a member and sign up for our newsletter, Outbreak Today.

Even while many Americans practice social distancing and self-isolation, it seems like it’s still difficult to completely escape FOMO. Are you peeved about not getting an invite to a virtual happy hour? Is one of your Instagram friends somehow still making you envious amid a global pandemic? Have feelings of loneliness increased for you as a result of self-isolation?

Whatever is causing your FOMO and/or loneliness — no problem is too trivial — we’d like to hear from you and see how you’re coping. Please fill out this form to submit your responses.

Share your experiences with us. We may follow up with you to learn more about your story.

  • Michael Blackmon is a culture reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.

    Contact Michael Blackmon at [email protected]

    Got a confidential tip? Submit it here.

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EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell’s fate ‘sealed’ as familiar face rocks up

Sharon Mitchell (played by Letitia Dean) said a final farewell to her son Denny Rickman (Bleu Landau) tonight after he died tragically during the EastEnders 35th anniversary. However, Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) made an explosive return and in a strange twist will hand himself over to the police, but his fate could be sealed when a familiar face shows up at the last minute. 

Phil Mitchell turned up unannounced and uninvited to Denny’s funeral tonight after Sharon specifically said she didn’t want any of the Mitchell family there. 

Sharon had to be held back as she flew at her estranged husband in a rage. 

The grieving mother still doesn’t know it was in fact Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) who was responsible for Denny’s death, but he has done a very good of keeping it a secret. 

But Sharon will fly off the handle when she sees Phil, blaming him for Denny’s death. 


  • EastEnders spoilers: Mick and Linda Carter make huge sacrifice

Next week, however, Phil will hand himself in to the police saying he was responsible for the boat crash. 

However, when a familiar face turns up, it will be make or break for Phil and it will be down to this person to determine his fate. 

EastEnders fans will remember solicitor Ritchie Scott (Sian Webber) who has helped on a number of cases over the years on Albert Square. 

She first appeared in Walford to advise Phil’s mother Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) ahead of Phil’s trial for armed robbery.

The last time Phil and Ritchie saw each other, they didn’t exactly leave things on the best terms, but could this jeopardise his case? 

In 2015, Ritchie refused to help Phil when he was accused of tampering with brakes on a car and almost killing cousin Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Womack). 

But when she said no, Phil decided to steal her book of criminal clients, threatening to release them.

Will Ritchie want to see Phil thrown in jail for good or is she coming to help? 

EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Mitchell’s exit ‘sealed’ amid Dennis’ wake [SHOCK]
EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell devastated as Callum rejects him [SPOILER]
EastEnders spoilers: Ian Beale’s fate ‘sealed’ as Phil reveals secret [REVEALED]

The issue is, if Phil admits to the boat crash, he could be putting himself in the firing line to be arrested for Keanu’s attempted murder at Christmas. 

When Phil found out Sharon’s baby was Keanu’s as a result of a long affair, the Mitchell boys went looking for blood. 

But Ian found out Denny had been the reason Bobby Beale’s (Clay Milner Russell) brutal attack, locking him below deck. 

How will Sharon react when she finally finds out the last person to see Denny and the reason her boy is dead is all because of Ian and his lies?


  • EastEnders spoilers: Mick Carter’s exit sealed?

Elsewhere on the Square, Dotty Cotton (Milly Zero) knows Ian was responsible and has been threatening to tell whoever wants to listen. 

Dotty has a reputation for using her manipulative ways to get whatever she wants. 

But how far will Ian go to stop her telling anyone about what really happened at the boat party? 

Will Dotty tell Sharon before Ian has the chance to stop her? 

EastEnders continues on BBC One tomorrow at 7:30pm. 

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Catherine Zeta Jones: ‘He’s gone mad’ Actress shares isolation video with Michael Douglas

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, 50, who is married to Michael Douglas, 75, shared a video of the family sat together in their living room. But the Welsh-born beauty admitted things had got “crazy” with their pet pooch as they remain in lockdown.

Taking to Instagram, the Hollywood starlet shared a cheeky video clip of their dog Taylor excitedly running over their furniture and members of the family.

In the clip, actor Michael could be seen holding his hands up attempting to block himself from the erratic energy of the family pooch.

But this did not steer Taylor from causing havoc, as he jumped from Catherine’s son Dylan, 19 and Carys, 16 , who were perched on the sofa.

The actress captioned the hilarious clip: “Crazy! I promise this is the last of my puppy for a while. But he’s gone a bit mad.”


  • Rachel Riley: Countdown star gets candid in rare moment with Pasha

Fans flocked to comment on the post, as she was inundated with replies after racking up over 100,000 likes from the video.

A social media user wrote: “I watched this for about 10 minutes before realising it is a loop! Seems the puppy isn’t the only one going crazy.”

Another person commented: “That’s called the zoomies! My dogs do that too.”

While a third person added: “He is fed up with the lockdown.”

Their new dog seemingly appears to be adapting to his surroundings at their family home in the adorable clip.

Last month Catherine gushed over her pet dog, as she unveiled him to the world on the picture-sharing site.

She captioned the video: “Introducing Taylor Douglas to the world.”

At the time, many of the Chicago star’s fans flocked to gush over the pet pooch.

One user wrote: “What a cutie. Hello little fluffy Taylor.”

A second commented: “OMG cuteness overload,” while a third added: “How precious!”

Earlier today the Hollywood star also took to Instagram and shared a rare snap of her dad.

He sported a face mask as he seemingly appeared to be singing along to some tunes at home as he held a microphone.


  • Anton Du Beke issues apology after ‘disaster’: ‘Story of my life’

Accompanied with the picture, Tom Jones version of Green Green Grass of Home could be heard playing in the background.

Catherine captioned the post: “My dad at home in Wales today. Rocking it! Stay well Papa.”

The coronavirus has become a worldwide pandemic with many countries enforcing a lockdown.

The UK Government have urged the British public to stay at home in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19.

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Trump Says The Quiet Part Loud In BONKERS Fox & Friends Interview!

For Donald Trump‘s own protection, there should be someone whose job it is just to stop him from calling in to Fox News. Considering they aren’t holding daily press briefings anymore, maybe the Press Secretary could do it?

We’re just saying, it would save the President a lot of embarrassment as he’s always at his worst when speaking off the cuff on live TV. You know, when he’s being himself.

Trump called in to Fox & Friends on Monday and in a lengthy interview bragged about his approval ratings (“here we are with the best numbers we’ve ever had”), took credit for New York governor Andrew Cuomo‘s popularity, and said the coronavirus would peak around Easter (you know, when he previously wanted businesses open) but that the death toll “will be at a very low number” despite his own leading expert telling us the day before we could expect to see at least 200,000 dead in the coming months.

See the 4 most bonkers moments from the interview (below):


Coronavirus Preparation

One thing Trump said in his typical word vomit was saying of the coronavirus pandemic, “nobody could have predicted something like this.”


The Worldwide Threat Assessment from his own Director of National Intelligence last year — something the President of the United States should be reading — predicted exactly this. It reads:

“We assess that the United States and the world will remain vulnerable to the next flu pandemic or large-scale outbreak of a contagious disease that could lead to massive rates of death and disability, severely affect the world economy, strain international resources, and increase calls on the UnitedStates for support.”

That was from January 29, 2019. Over a year after that, Trump was calling the reaction to COVID-19 a Democrat “hoax.”

Hell, a week before his inauguration in 2017, Trump’s team was warned about the possibility of exactly this same thing happening during the outbreak of a novel influenza strain called H9N2. Obviously that didn’t explode like COVID-19, but you’d think he would have had the possibility of such a pandemic somewhere in his mind on a list of things to really watch out for. Instead in 2018 he closed the White House’s National Security Council pandemic preparation office.

Notice how when Trump doesn’t know something, he says “nobody knew” that thing??

Attacking Nancy Pelosi

When asked about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi‘s comment about Trump’s early “denial” of the pandemic — you know, with the US not using World Health Organization testing kits in the early days and Trump himself telling the country not to worry because COVID-19 would disappear “like a miracle,” and that the flu was worse anyway — causing the loss of more lives, Trump didn’t even try defending himself.

No, instead he went on the attack, saying:

“Look, she’s a sick puppy in my opinion. She really is. She’s got a lot of problems.”

UGH, who talks like that? Our POTUS, that’s who. He continued:

“Don’t forget, she was playing the impeachment game. Her game where she ended up looking like a fool. She was doing nothing but — all she did for the first long time was impeach, impeach, impeach. This went on for years, if you think about it. That’s all she did. She didn’t do anything.”

Didn’t do anything?? Under Pelosi, the House passed nearly 400 bills during Trump’s tenure. The Republican-controlled Senate didn’t even vote on them.

The Fox & Friends hosts asked about another topic, but Trump wasn’t done.

“The federal government, we may get involved and take over that area and clean it up. It’s such a mess, it’s so bad, and yet she will sit there and complain. All she did was focus on impeachment. She didn’t focus on anything having to do pandemics. She focused on impeachment and she lost! And she looked like a fool!”

“Take over that area”??? WTF does that even mean?? Scary stuff…

Defending China & Russia

When Trump was asked about the Washington Post article about how Russia, Iran, and China had implemented a “disinformation campaign” blaming the United States for the coronavirus.

Trump’s response? After slamming the “fake news” we mean? Just agreeing that was perfectly fine, even saying the US is doing it, too! He said:

“They do it and we do it, and we call them different things.”

Um, what??? Trump is just over here admitting to the US lying about the coronavirus? WTF?!

Re: the sensitive subject of Russia, Trump mentioned he’d be speaking to his pal Putin later in the day, to which co-host Brian Kilmeade surprisingly asked:

“Russia, they earned the right to be sanctioned. They’re poisoning people. You know what they’re doing in Eastern Europe, rattling the cages of their former Soviet Union countries. And we know in the Middle East, creating havoc killing refugees in an indiscriminate fashion, as well as creating havoc in Iraq. But when you talk to Vladimir Putin he’s going to ask you to lift sanctions. What are you going to say when he asks that?”

Trump was clearly offended, almost yelling his answer:

“I’m the one that put the sanctions on, Brian, nobody else! I put the sanctions on! I’ve been tougher on Russia than any president in the history of the country.”

Yeah, all that is not remotely true. But why bother getting into bothersome things like facts when he can use his alternative facts (which btw is what Trump means when he says we all our disinformation campaigns “different things.”

Trump also defending Russia as being “our partner in World War II.” Oof. Something tells us those sanctions are going away.

Election 2020

In maybe the wildest moment of the interview, Trump said the quiet part loud, admitting something critics of the Republican Party have been saying for years: they want to make voting as difficult as possible because the more people vote, the more they lose.

No Republican has been elected President with a majority of the popular vote since 1988. That’s a wild stat to consider. Think the news leans left? The entire country leans left. The GOP has been doing everything they can to decrease voter turnout to cancel that fact.

Well, if the coronavirus lockdown lasts into November we could well see the worst voter turnout in decades. After all, if going out to vote means risking infection from a pandemic, many will choose to stay home and safe.

That’s why some Democrats tried to get a provision into the coronavirus relief bill to allow for all-mail ballots for the 2020 election. When asked about that, Trump didn’t even deny why he wanted to kill it:

“If you look at before and after, the things they had in were crazy. They had things, levels of voting that if you ever agreed to it you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.”

For once, we have to say… we believe Donald Trump.

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