Amanda Owen refuses to send daughter to school ‘What is she gonna learn?’

Our Yorkshire Farm: Amanda allows daughter to miss school

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Our Yorkshire Farm is the hit Channel 5 documentary series that follows the lives of Clive and Amanda Owen as they live and work on a farm with their nine children. Channel 5 viewers had another chance to see the Yorkshire Shepherdess and her family on Saturday evening. The repeat episode saw a debate between Amanda and Clive as they discussed whether one of their younger children should be going to school.

Clive and Amanda have nine children, but they had a bit of trouble when it was time for their second youngest to go to school.

The couple attempted to get their four-year-old daughter Clemmy to go to school, but she wasn’t keen.

In the episode, Clive was seen cuddling his daughter while explaining to her that she really should be going to school.

He said: “Everybody thinks you’re going today, the teachers and everybody.”

“I want to stay home with Tony,” Clemmy exclaimed, referring to a pony on the farm.

Clive burst out laughing at the youngster’s suggestion and turned to his wife Amanda, saying: “Well this is the first time we’ve ever tried to send one this young.”

“Yeah exactly,” Amanda agreed, with Clive adding: “We don’t have to send her.”

The Yorkshire Shepherdess, reassured her second youngest child, saying: “We needn’t have this stress.”

“The day will come when she has to go,” Clive said, explaining that Clemmy will have to attend school when she turns five.

Amanda replied: “Yes the day will come, yes but it won’t be for another year, by which time we can maybe talk to her a bit more.

“Then she’ll be fed up with Tony,” Amanda joked, with Clive saying: “Don’t laugh, this isn’t funny.”

“I mean we’re not people that give in on what our kids say. Our kids do what we tell them. Always have,” he added.

“What is she going to learn for the next year that she can’t learn here with us?” Amanda remarked.

Clive replied to his wife, saying: “Well I can tell you think she can wait ’til she’s five. You’ve never sent one until they’re five.”

“No exactly and realistically, we’re going to have Nancy at home and there’s always lots going on and they like to come with us,” Amanda said.

“It’s what’s best for this thing,” Clive said while cuddling his daughter.

Amanda replied: “Well this isn’t best is it? I say go back to bed and put your jodhpurs on.”

“What do you want to do Clem?” she asked, with a tearful Clemmy replying: “Stay at home.”

“Right well that’s it,” Amanda concluded, taking the youngster back to bed.

Our Yorkshire Farm is available on Channel 5’s catch-up service My5.

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