Amy Duggar posts 'be a good human' after admitting she 'regrets' appearing on 19 Kids & Counting following Josh's arrest

AMY Duggar has encouraged her fans to still "be a good human" despite the massive drama surrounding her cousin Josh's arrest.

The Counting On star revealed earlier this week that she was "completely blindsided" by her cousin's child porn addiction.

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Amy, 34, took to her Instagram stories to plead for some positivity amongst the chaos of Josh's arrest.

The reality star shared a photo of a monarch caterpillar on a pile of mulch and leaves as she wrote: "Be a good human."

The TV personality has come forward since the shocking news dropped last week that Josh was caught with 65 child porn images and one video of minors, including a toddler.

In an exclusive conversation with The Sun, Amy confessed to feeling "heartbroken" over the scandal that has plagued her ultra-conservative family.

The mom of one made the choice years ago to abandon the life of fame and live a more normal existence as a businesswoman.

The TLC star spoke candidly about how she regrets appearing on the network's 19 Kids & Counting, a show that was canceled in 2015 shortly after news emerged that Josh had molested several underage women.

That year it was discovered that the oldest Duggar child had fondled the breasts and genitals of his underaged sisters.

“I wish I had known some more information before getting on the show. 

“I was blindsided about Josh’s past, completely blindsided. I wish I had known that backstory beforehand, that way I probably would never have been on the show," she admitted.

“But it is what it is. I had a great time with the kids, I love my cousins. 

“At the same time, I love changing it up a little bit and being a business owner, having my own family and not being in that spotlight," she continued.

“It’s really refreshing. I don’t consider myself famous at all, I work with boxes all day long and change diapers. 

“It’s just a different time in our lives but I love it and I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Amy owns a clothing boutique in Springdale, North West Arkansas, which is just one building down from her husband's fine dining restaurant.

They have plans to focus on their career ventures despite the uproar towards their family in the media.

The young mom was present for Josh's court hearing on Wednesday, and Jill Duggar was also there for the verdict.

Josh was granted bail despite possessing child porn images of kids from ages 12 to 18 months.

Despite the heavy charges against him, the father of six appeared in good spirits as he exited the courtroom this week.

The TV star will no longer be allowed to live at home with his wife and will have supervised visitation only with his children.

Josh will no longer be allowed to live with minor children again, and has relocated to a family friend's home.

A couple that is friends with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar that work regularly with prisoners offered their home to the disgraced father.

Amy and Jill are considered the rebels of the strict family, as they've forsaken much of their modesty to live a more free lifestyle.

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