Antiques Roadshow fans confused as guest brings Nike Air Jordan sneakers to show

Antiques Roadshow fans were speechless when a guest brought a collection of sneakers including Nike Air Jordan and Addidas.

The keen fan, or as any ethusiast would agree, a sneakerhead, has been collecting limited editions shoes for 15 years and has over 850 pairs of sport shoes.

His oldest pair in collection — a Reebok and McLaren collaboration — was a limited edition with only 40 pairs made aroud the globe.

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Expert Mark Hill met the guest at Belmont House in Kent where he took a closer look at the "antiques of the future".

"The oldest one in my collection, they were worn in the 1992 championship races," the guest shared his knowledge on shoes in his collection.

"I'm a big shoe guy and there was only around 40 pairs of these for the pit crew so these generaly catch people's eyes.

"If you're US-based, you will know the Jordans.

"I've got a pair of Bred Jordan 1. Michael Jordan, back in the day, the NBA only allowed you to wear certain colours, mainly white on foot, and they brought those out to catch people's attention, to break the rules.

"And every game he wore them, Michael Jordan got fined and that's where the sort of mystery and people just wanted that shoe."

In pristine, unworn condition, the original Air Jordan 1 is now selling at around £850 in collector's market, which would give him a profit of £730, should he decide to sell it.

Mark asked if he saw the sneakers as "antiques of the future", the guest couldn't agree more.

"What happens is people wear them, it limits the supply pool," he explained.

"Say you've got 100 shoes that've come out and they are limited edition, well probably about 50 pairs of them will be worn out in a while because people want to show off and actually get some use out of them.

"So that brings down the market in size of supply, which, of course, increases the value.

"You end up with bidding wars and crazy estimations."

He estimated that the eight pairs of shoes he brought to the show could worth about £3,000 to £4,000 but the value is not what he's after.

"I just enjoy being able to share what I'm into with other people."

Viewers had a second thought on the definition of "antique" on the programme.

One said: "How much #antiquesroadshow keep em box fresh people."

"Trainers on Antiques Roadshow?! What next? And old Dominos pizza box?!" another joked.


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