Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan left 'sweating' after sneaky trick to dodge 'non-stop sh**ging' when watching show with mum

BRIDGERTON actress Nicola Coughlan has revealed she was in deep "trouble" after watching the show's sex scenes with her mum – and forced to take drastic action as the raunchiness ramped up.

The Derry Girls actress, who plays Penelope Featherington in Netflix's hit Regency-era drama, anticipated awkward moments with her parent when the pair tuned in.

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The hit series is renowned for its saucy moments and sex scenes, and Nicola, 34, had the benefit of knowing the script before she witnessed it with her strict mum.

Opening up on podcast Make It Reign with Josh Smith, she revealed: "I knew pretty well how the episodes went and the amount of sexiness in them.

"When I showed her the first episode and Johnny Bailey’s bum appeared very quickly into episode one, she was like, ‘what is going on!’

"I had to say, ‘it’s not my fault I didn’t write it, it’s romance novels and it’s a really important part of the story,’ but I was still in trouble."

With the most sizzling moments yet to come in their family viewing, the Galway-born star let slip her distraction technique.

She added to the podcast: "Then with episode six I thought, ‘oh my God what am I going to do? It’s none stop sh**ging!

"I am going to be in so much trouble. I said, ‘sh**ging,’ on the Graham Norton show and I was dead.

"I was sweating when I watched it back.’… What I ended up doing was just fast forwarding through all the sexy bits and at the end of the episode she said, ‘that one was very short!’"

It appears there will be more sticky moments for Nicola and her mum to come, after she teased Netflix fans "weren't ready" for the saucy new looks in season two.

The star also ramped up excitement for the upcoming instalments of the British-set drama as she teased a mash-up between Derry Girls and Bridgerton.

A social media user bluntly told Channel 4 Derry Girls' Clare Devlin: "Ok, @nicolacoughlan I think you must bow to public pressure and give the people what they want.

"Kindly commence work immediately on the Bridgerton/Derry Girls crossover episode."

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Adding further detail to the drama proposal, they then suggested: "The pitch practically writes itself: “The ton is all aflutter with the latest scandal: who could possibly have written the intriguing missive about being a “wee lesbian” in the school paper?"

Clearly excited by the prospect Nicola re-posted the message with the comment: "Oh Christ, imagine the Derry Girls at a regency ball?

"If Clare met Queen Charlotte, she'd have a panic attack on the spot."

Previously, Nicola revealed she "can't fathom" the amount of people who have binge-watched Bridgerton on the streaming service.


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