Brooklyn Nine-Nine EP on Jake and Amy's New Relationship Hurdle: 'They Love Each Other, But It's Hard'

Warning: The following contains spoilers about Thursday’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

That sound you hear is the collective heart of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine fandom breaking into a million tiny pieces for Jake and Amy.

In Season 7’s sixth installment, we watched as the series’ central couple tried and tried and tried to get pregnant over a span of six months. They tried it the “Jake way,” then the “Amy way,” and then [shudders] the “Hitchcock way,” all of which failed.

“The only reason we decided to do this storyline was in order to see that struggle,” series co-creator Dan Goor tells TVLine. “I talked to [Melissa Fumero] and said, ‘One thing that would naturally come up in your relationship is having a baby. That’s a thing that we would consider, but I don’t know that I want to do it because that feels like a danger for a [workplace] sitcom, to have your characters have a baby…’ And she said, ‘I think that Amy would be funny having trouble having a baby, because she’s a straight “A” student and it’s a test you can’t study for.’ And that really struck me as so spot-on and so incisive. Once she said that, it was clear that we should do this.”

After his conversation with Fumero, Goor went to series star Andy Samberg, who agreed that his TV wife had the right idea. He also wanted to tell this story, but he had one caveat: “The only thing [Andy and I] wanted to do was make sure… that it wasn’t just a passing idea that they’re having trouble, but that they really have trouble [and we show that on screen],” Goor reveals. It was then that Goor conceived of the idea to have the episode jump through time, to show the “degeneration of the act of trying to have a baby” over a period of several months. “I think couples relate to that. It’s like, ‘Ooh, it’s fun! It’s titillating! We’re going to make a baby!’ And then it becomes more and more of a chore.”

The disheartened marrieds eventually agreed to put less pressure on themselves and let whatever happens happen — but that didn’t make it any less painful to see Amy confront Jake with yet another negative pregnancy test.

“We had a joke at the end [of the script], and we had it in a cut [of the episode],” Goor says. But when Samberg saw it, he expressed his desire to remove the punchline and end the episode on a serious note. “He said, ‘I really, really think that the best version of this is the version that doesn’t have a joke.’ That doesn’t undercut it. That really sells that they are having trouble… They love each other, but it’s hard.”

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