Cant believe Im showing you my pants Jane McDonald flashes underwear on Channel 5 show

Jane McDonald reveals the way she packs her pants

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Holidaying with Jane McDonald: The Caribbean began on Sunday night and saw the former cruise ship singer taking a solo trip to the Caribbean. The first Channel 5 instalment saw Jane visiting the likes of Barbados, St Lucia, Grenada and Antigua. Jane tried a number of challenges during her stay including deep-sea diving and snorkelling with turtles.

As Jane was packing her day bag for her next adventure, she shared what she was taking with her with viewers.

As she placed her swimming costume in her bag, Jane proceeded to show what underwear she’d packed for the day.

“And of course, spare pants,” the singer began. “I can’t believe I am showing you my pants again.”

“I fold my pants,” she laughed as she held them up. “You think I am mad, don’t you?”

She continued: “I stack them because you can get an awful lot more in when they stand up.

“You never know when you’re going to need a spare pair of pants.”

During the trip, Jane took a guided tour around the island before she visited the Animal Flower Caves.

As she made her way down the cave, she said: “I am not sure what is waiting at the bottom of these steps but I am putting my trust in [tour guide] Dawn.”

“It’s absolutely gorgeous, isn’t it? Jane beamed when she reached the bottom of the cave.

“This is all coral,” the singer continued as Dawn pointed out the island’s water is filtered through the coral.

The presenter proceeded to jump in the pools situated within the caves.

“This feels amazing,” she added. “It’s cold, to begin with, but it feels like it’s warming me up.”

“I am at one with nature in here,” the Loose Women panellist explained. “You can feel it healing you.

“Once you’re in, it’s like you’re in the fountain of youth, so if I start to look younger soon, you’ll know why.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Jane tried her hand at snorkelling for the first time.

Despite feeling nervous at first, when she got into the water she immediately felt at ease.

When walking along the beach alone, the 58-year-old also reflected on the past couple of years and how tough it has been for everyone.

Not only did the entire world shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Jane also suffered the loss of her fiance.

Jane’s late partner Eddie Rothe died of lung cancer on March 26 2021.

She said: “And just like that, all the stresses of life and the last couple of years are washed away.”

Holidaying with Jane McDonald: The Caribbean returns on Sunday at 9pm on Channel 5.

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