Coronation Street fans stunned as David Platt ‘turns into Spider-Man’ as he escapes gang – The Sun

CORONATION Street fans were stunned as David Platt appeared to turn into Spider-Man as he escaped a gang of thugs.

David (Jack P Shepherd) picked a fight with a group of thugs during one of his drinking binges.

He managed to run away, but it looked like he would be caught – and possibly stabbed – when he reached the dead end at Victoria Street.

Two vehicles then drove in front of the alley and after they moved David was gone, much to the confusion of the thugs.

The camera then panned up to reveal David at the top of a fire escape he managed to scale in seconds.

Fans were very perplexed and wondered if he'd gotten the powers of superhero Spider-Man.

One persons said: "Has David Platt been bitten by a radioactive spider?"

A second added: "What a group of knobs? And since when did David Platt become Spider-Man?"

A third remarked: "David has teleported to the top of the ladders then."

Another said: "David must be a bloody grasshopper to get up there so quickly"





Viewers were so horrified by the violent knife scenes on Monday's Corrie that they complained to Ofcom.

As well as eight complaints to Ofcom, viewers took to Twitter to express their upset over the scenes.

One person wrote: “NOOO David's not actually gona get stabbed like poor Kylie is he? #Corrie.”

Another added: “Oh God. MORE bad luck for David. Now he's getting mugged.”

While someone else exclaimed: "Ooh look, it's the cutting crew!  Will David die in their arms tonight? #corrie.”

Over the last few episodes viewers have watched as David hasn’t been coping well since his wife Shona lost her memory and demanded a divorce.

During Monday night’s instalment he had raged at Imran about wife Shona wanting a divorce when he realised he would have to be married for at least a year before they could end their marriage.

As Imran said he was sorry to hear that Shona wanted a divorce, David snapped back: “Well I’m not, not anymore.

“It can’t come soon enough. I just want to get it over with and get on with the rest of my life. So I’ve got a wife who barely recognises me and I have to wait another seven months.”

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