Coronation Street spoilers: Carla Connor confused as Peter Barlow proves he didn't attack Jordan and Chelsey

CARLA Connor is baffled as Peter Barlow proves he didn’t attack Jordan and Chelsey after she sees a headline about their assault.

The drug dealers have threatened to expose everything about Carl’s ‘lost weekend’ this week on the ITV soap if she doesn’t give them their money.

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Corrie viewers will remember that Carla suffered a psychotic breakdown in a special episode last year and was moved to a hospital in Carlisle for a period of recovery. 

But upon her return, nothing was mentioned about what happened to her during her time away from the cobbles.

Carla was horrified in recent episodes when some drug dealers from the squat Carla stayed in last year threatened to expose her antics to Peter if she doesn’t give them a load of money. 

And episodes of the ITV soap set to air later this week will see Jordan also demand cash for the drugs that Carla stole while living in the squat. 

But when Peter catches Jordan threatening her, he squeezes the truth out of Carla. 

Peter then listens to the radio and hears a news report about a serious assault of a man and woman on a local estate, but he turns the radio off before Carla can hear it. 

Next week’s episodes of Corrie will see Carla continue to reel from her altercation with Chelsey and Jordan.

She makes herself busy by decorating the Rovers for V.E Day, and thanks Scott for coming to her rescue and kicking the drug dealer out of the pub. 

Later, Carla pops round to the garage with a bottle of wine to thank Abi for fighting her corner. 

Abi reveals she also has a past she’d rather forget and says there’s no need to thank her. 

Later, Carla spots a headline in the Gazette about the assault on Brightwell Estate and wonders if the victims are Jordan and Chelsey.

Later in the week, Carla accuses Peter of beating up Jordan and Chelsey after she revealed to him that they were blackmailing her.

Peter is baffled and strongly denies any involvement. 

In the Rovers, Ken raises a toast in commemoration of V.E Day.

Peter assures Carla that he was at an alcoholics meeting at the time of the assault. 

So who else could have attacked them?

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