Coronation Street theory: Leanne Battersby to frame Nick for crime as history repeats

Corrie: Leanne Battersby tells Nick Tilsley to leave

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Leanne (played by Jane Danson) was devastated to hear Toyah (Georgia Taylor) had been charged with Imran Habeeb’s (Charlie De Melo) death on Coronation Street. With the troubled character needing better representation in court aside from the duty lawyer who was trying to help her, she called on her sister to find herself someone who would support her case. When Leanne asked Nick (Ben Price) if they could use their money to help her sister, he refused and now, she could get revenge on her partner by framing him for fraud on the ITV soap.

After talking with Toyah about lawyers and legal fees, Leanne sat down at the bistro with Nick to talk over finances.

Explaining the position, Leanne said: “So, it’s a couple of hundred quid for the consultation and if they think she has a case, they will want a retainer.”

“How much we talking?” he asked, with Leanne telling him it was going to be about £5,000 at first before anything happened.

“Well, can’t you shop around?” Nick said to his partner, who replied: “Nick, it’s not the sales. I can’t shop around, there’s not enough time

“The hearing’s tomorrow and besides I’ve already rung three people before they all close,” she continued before her partner asked if there were alternative methods for Toyah to pay for a lawyer.

“Well, are they going to apply for legal aid?” Nick inquired, with Leanne telling him: “I don’t know. Maybe, I supposed they will have to look at her annual income won’t they?”

“So what are we talking?” Nick asked, with Leanne telling him it was close to £40,000 or possibly even more if they needed to do extra work on the case.

“Right and I bet you said we were going to pay,” the business owner remarked, adding: “How will she pay us back if she’s in prison?”

“Is that really where we are at with all this?” Leanne hit back, with her partner telling her to be realistic about Toyah’s future.

Leanne added: “Well if she was guilty as sin I would still try and get her off the hook. Isn’t it bad enough she has just been widowed.”

I expected solidarity

Leanne Battersby

“He’s dead, let’s not forget that,” Nick reminded his partner, to which she replied: “How could I forget that?”

Trying to talk about how Toyah could plead another case in court and therefore, won’t need to pay for a high-flying lawyer.

“Diminished responsibility she could go for that?” Nick said, with Leanne adding: “And if she lies in court they are going to rip her to shreds.”

“She could say she was so disturbed she tried to kill them both, they are not going to argue with that,” her partner continued.

“Can we just talk about the money, again?” Leanne asked her other half, who was clearly trying to stop talking about the subject.

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“We haven’t got enough,” he explained before Leanne asked if they could take some money from the company accounts which Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) keeps an eye on.

“No we are not going to empty the company account to pay for Toyah’s legal fees,” Nick replied, shutting down the obscene suggestion.

Explaining why they couldn’t do it, he said: “We would take out too much diffidence and if you hadn’t noticed, there is no such thing as a lunchtime rush anymore.

“We can’t pay our own tax and Debbie would never get on go with this,” he continued.

Snapping back as she felt unsupported, Leanne told him: “If this was your sister, you would open up all the till and max out all the credit cards.”

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“I expected solidarity,” she continued, with Nick stating it wasn’t fair to be comparing situations when that’s not the case.

“No, it’s not fair and it’s not fair what’s happening to our Toyah,” a tearful Leanne replied.

“If we had endless amounts of money, she would be welcome to it all,” Nick explained as the conversation came to an end.

Later this week, it will be revealed money has gone missing from the company account and it is very likely Leanne would have done this.

But to get revenge on Nick for not having her back, she could make it look like he was the one who stole the money as he does have form.

A couple of years ago, Nick and his brother David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) ended up defrauding Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) out of £80,000.

They were both to blame and they faced the consequences of their actions.

It has been put behind them now but history could be about to repeat itself if he is accused of stealing money again.

This time, he could end up spending time behind bars as the courts feel he hasn’t learnt his lesson but will he discover it was Leanne who set him up?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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