Daniel Craig Could Do Another Bond Film After "No Time to Die" [Rumor]

While fans of the James Bond series await the release of No Time to Die in November, the 007 producers will have to figure out if Daniel Craig is up for a sixth film.

Many believed that Craig was done portraying Bond after the release of Spectre (2015), but he opted to return for a fifth film. Craig previously stated that he won’t play Bond again after No Time to Die, leading many to speculate on possible successors.

But a source told The Sun that Craig may not be done as Bond just yet, and that the 51-year-old actor is hoping this won’t be “marketed” as his swan song film for the franchise.

“I don’t think Daniel is finished with James Bond, despite his previous claims,” the source said. “He was in this same position four years ago after Spectre came out, where he said publicly and loudly that he was done and then, as time passed, he just wasn’t.”

“There is something about this part that scratches an itch and he’s not prepared to see it go to another actor yet. It’s all going to come down to how No Time To Die is received by the public and if it can become the highest-grossing film in the series. If it does, I think Daniel will be good for one more movie. He’s hedging that bet by asking for it not be marketed as a ‘finale'”

No Time to Die was originally slated to be released in April, but producers decided to push it back to November, due to concerns over the Coronavirus – which has strongly affecting the global theater marketplace.

Some have even speculated that a female will be cast as the next Bond. This is an idea that Pierce Brosnan (he portrayed 007 in four different films) supports, although producer Barbara Broccoli has stated that Bond will continue to be played by a male.

Happy Valley and War & Peace star James Norton was recently listed as the betting favorite to replace Craig with 6/4 odds. Richard Madden was second at 4/1, while Tom Hiddleston Sam Heughan carry the third-highest odds at 5-1. Idris Elba and Tom Hardy have also been mentioned as possible candidates to take over as the next Bond.

Replacing Brosnan, Craig’s first film as the new 007 was Casino Royale (2006), followed by Quantom of Solace (2008), Skyfall (2012) and the aforementioned Spectre. Back in October, Craig surpassed the late Roger Moore as the longest-tenured Bond actor ever. Only time will tell if the Bond producers want to bring back Craig for a sixth film, and if he’s keen on doing it on reprising the role one last time.

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