Death Row viewers divided over mum’s guilt as dances on sons' grave

Viewers of Death Row’s Women with Susanna Reid tonight clashed over whether Darlie Routier really murdered her two sons. 

Tonight’s episode saw Good Morning Britain host Susanna travel to Texas to meet with Routier on death row. 

Dallas housewife and former cheerleader Routier was convicted and sentenced to death by legal injection for killing one of her sons, five-year-old Damon, in 1996. She remains accused of murdering her other son Devon, six, despite there being no eyewitnesses, no confession and no motive.

Routier insists she had no part in the murders of both sons, who were stabbed to death just a few feet away from where she was sleeping. 

During the episode, viewers were shown rare footage of Routier dancing on her sons’ grave with other family members and spraying silly string. 

The footage became a key part of Routier’s trial as prosecutors used the footage to argue that she was unaffected by her children’s deaths. 

However, the defence argued it was unfair to judge her grief by her behaviour. 

Routier herself told Reid: ‘Nobody tells you how to grieve… Everything we did was out of love

‘This is something no parent should have to do. Nobody should have to bury their child.’ 

Reacting to the footage, one viewer said: ‘A party at her sons grave who was murdered 1 week before? Sick.’ 

‘2 boys stabbed to death. Mum as party at sons grave 4 his birthday 3 days later. Full smiles laughing sparying silly string all over. Any one who losted there kids would be mess not smiling,’ another tweeted. 

Criticising Routier’s lack of emotion elsewhere in the documentary, one viewer said: ‘She’s she’d more tears over her murderer inmate pal being executed then her own kids, sick.’ 

Another agreed and said: ‘Showing more emotion for her death row inmate than she did for her kids!’ 

However others were questioning Routier’s guilt, including one viewer who commented: ‘I was veering toward guilty, but now not sure. You can’t judge the behaviour of someone a few days after the death of their children, there is no “normal”.’ 

Undecided on whether the mother-of-three did it, another weighed in: ‘I’m so torn – I just cannot definitively say I think she done it when there are so many questions – where did she get the bruises, how did she cut her throat with her non dominant hand? Where was her husband? Why did she spare the third child?’ 

‘A lot of unanswered questions there! The husband must know more, why was he not investigated?!’ one viewer tweeted.

Another stated: ‘ interview goes on im just not did she get that bruising?’ 

In February 1997, the jury found Routier guilty of the murder of Damon, and sentenced her to death by lethal injection. Routier maintains her innocence. Two of her appeals, based on allegations of irregularities during the trial were denied, however, new DNA tests were ordered several times in response to the advancement in technology.

Testing is still ongoing as of this year. 

Death Row’s Women With Susanna Reid is available to watch on the ITV Hub. 

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