Diversity's Jordan Banjo reveals brother Ashley saved his life by helping him slim down from 22 stone

DIVERSITY star Jordan Banjo has candidly revealed that his older brother Ashley is a literal life-saver – helping him lose weight as he reached over 22 stone.

The dancer, 28, also went on to explain how Dancing On Ice judge Ashley, 32, helped to save his life again – after he became obsessed with extreme dieting.

He told The Mirror: “It’s no secret that I struggled with my weight. But what I’ve never spoken about is how I went too far the other way."

Jordan shared that his issues with his weight began as a teenager. At just 13, his doctor told him that he was officially classed as morbidly obese.

But it wasn’t until his 18th birthday that he decided it was time to ditch his diet of fizzy drinks and unhealthy meals, and reached out to Ashley for support.

He shared: “I turned to Ash because I knew I was either going to have to do something about my weight or things were going to get way, way worse.

“Ash was brilliant. He helped me rethink my diet and put together a workout routine. The weight came off pretty quickly.”

Despite losing almost half his bodyweight – and riding high after his dancing troupe’s success on Britain’s Got Talent – Jordan soon realised he was obsessed with losing more.

Eventually, Jordan – who is 6’5” – saw his weight plummet down to 12 stone.

Though he hit a turning point when it dawned on him that even his own die-hard Diversity fans didn’t recognise him anymore.

Fortunately, Ashley was on hand to guide his brother to a healthier lifestyle yet again, which Jordan credits with saving his life not once but twice.

Jordan, now a healthy dad of two at 17 stone, is using his experience battling the bulge to help others.

He was recently announced as the host Channel 4’s new show Lose Weight Like Me, alongside health professional Dr Sara Kayat.

Lose Weight Like Me starts on Channel 4 at 8pm on 19th January 

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