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DUCK Dynasty's Sadie Robertson Huff gave a tour of her family's massive Louisiana mansion featuring an outdoor kitchen and a tennis court.

The 23-year-old recently moved out of the home after tying the knot with Christian Huff in 2019.

The former Dancing With The Stars contestant gave fans an insight of her family home in Louisiana for the TODAY Show.

In the center of a big plot of land, Willie Robertson's home stands as a cabin-inspired mansion complete with a tennis court and a large backyard for the whole family to lounge around in.

Sadie told cameras: "We are at my favorite place in the world.

"It is the most peaceful, beautiful home. I gotta say my mom did an amazing job with all the design work."

The outside of the home is a stunning mix between white bricks and light woods with private balconies standing out from the second floor.

Once inside, guests are greeted with a grand piano and a grandfather clock at the door.

The entrance room then opens up to the living room, which Sadie deems as "the most comfortable spot in the house."

The stunning space with high ceilings is decorated with two leather chairs and a fur rug underneath with a C-shaped grey couch where the family plays games and gets together before sharing a big dinner.

The walls are decorated with wood surfaces and a big-screen TV for the family to watch Duck Dynasty on.

There is also a large brick fireplace and tons of natural light coming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The living room is divided from the dining room with a series of wood columns, which give the illusion of different rooms in the open floor plan.

The dining room, which she calls "the heart of the home," sits ten members of the Robertson family and is below an eccentric chandelier made of wood and potentially animal bones.

Moving back to the entrance of the home, there is a white staircase that leads up to the second floor where the bedrooms and most of the bathrooms are.

Once on the second floor, guests will spot an artwork of Sadie and her DWTS partner dancing on the show – a sweet reminder of her time on the hit dance competition series.

The house has various wings where many family members have their room and Sadie took the cameras to the wing which has her bedroom, her sister Bella's bedroom and their shared bathroom.

Going first into Sadie's bedroom, there is a white desk with the words "Kind" engraved on the top.

There is also a green lounge chair facing her former bed and green accent wall.

The walls are decorated with artwork and the black and white bedside tables are cluttered with pictures of Sadie, Christian and her family.

A barn door divides Sadie and Bella's bedroom as the two loved sharing a bedroom so much when they were younger and they couldn't bear having a wall divide them.

Sadie explained they would keep the barn door open but would close it when they needed their privacy.

Bella's room, on the other hand, has a pink accent wall with a green headboard. She also has an animal skull over her bed and thick curtains to block out the natural light pouring in.

The two close sisters would also share a black and white bathroom with separate vanities and chairs for the young women to do their makeup.

Sitting in the middle of the room is an "awesome" bathtub that is surrounded by chalkboard walls with inspirational quotes.

Once outside, the home has an outdoor kitchen that Willie uses for family dinners.

There is also an outdoor bar with high chairs, a table for the family and another fireplace for those chilly winter nights.

However, the main attraction is the family office where members can go to spend some time alone and work on their businesses.

In the office, one wall is decorated with family portraits and shelves that hold some of their most precious pictures.

There is also a wooden table that sits six people, a desk in the corner and a Scripture quote engraved on the floor – something that can be found throughout the home.

Next to the office, the backyard opens up to a tennis court which is actually where Sadie and Christian got married.

A family member had suggested it since the two of them loved to play together and it was then transformed with high shrubs and string lights decorating it.

The backyard also gives a look into the other family members' homes as Willie and his wife can simply walk to their children's homes.

Willie shares the home with his wife, Korie, and his seven children – though some of them have already married and moved out.

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